Sure, most of us have at some point wanted to connect with the spirit world for one reason or another, but is it a good idea? Is it really something we mortals should be doing in the first place?

Well, truthfully, yes and no. We should and shouldn’t be making ourselves aware of the spirit world for some very good reasons. For one, we should connect with the spirit world to grow, however, on the other hand, we should not because most people only try to do so for the wrong reasons. Connecting with the spirit world should always be in regards to focusing on spiritual growth and working on one’s self.

If you do not believe in yourself, nothing that you try is going to work. One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is doubting their psychic abilities, as we all have these abilities on some level. If you truly want to reach a higher level this journey is one you need to make but first, you must trust yourself. Below you will find a list of steps that will help you become more in tune with the spiritual world.

6 Steps to Help You Connect With The Spirit World:

Step 1: Declare Your Intentions

State at the very beginning of all of this what your intentions are. Make sure that you are very clear and that the Universe does hear you. The Universe must participate throughout your journey. Let the process happen, and focus on what you are saying.

Step 2: Meditate

Meditation will help you settle into where you need to be in order to get this done. When your mind is calm you will be able to better connect to the spirit world. There is a lot that goes into preparing for this sort of thing. You cannot merely jump straight into it.

Step 3: Create a Space for Connection

This is where you will be when you attempt to connect to the spirit world. Really make this space into something you have a connection with in general. You can even add a small box to the mix and write down your intention there to make things a bit more clear-cut.

Step 4: Create a Reading Screen

This reading screen is where you will receive all of the images and so forth that the spirit world may allow you to have. Using your mind’s eye imagine a large screen out in front of you. Give this screen whatever you would like, add a grounding cord and be sure that it is secured to the Earth at its very center.

From this point on, you can begin asking questions or ask for a message in general. Everything can be a message, a mere color change is something to pay attention to. Do not demand anything but accept all you can. The first image or message given is the answer to what you have asked whether it is literal or symbolic. Always have faith in what you see first.

Step 5: Use All of Your Senses

Connecting with the spirit world will require you use all of your senses. Do not let a taste or smell go unnoticed. Allow yourself to be taken over to another level. Truly heighten your senses.

Step 6: Truly Listen

Listen and observe everything. Pay close attention to all that is happening around you within your mind’s eye during this time. If done correctly you should be taking something away from every trip you make into the world of spirits, no matter how small it is.



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