We are all capable of harvesting our authentic power. While some of us may have a much harder time finding it and accessing it, it can be done.

A powerful person has something much more intense than the average person. He or she has managed to align with their true inner being to create something amazing. If you think you have accessed this power chances are you seem to walk in a ray of sunshine. If you have reached a sense of authentic power then you know the following to be true for yourself.

6 Signs You Have Achieved Authentic Power:

1. You do not use fear as a means of gaining the upper hand.

You know that in life you gain nothing from making other people afraid. You want to gain the upper hand in the right way, not through manipulative means. You will not use fear against people.

2. You do not need people by your side in order to be happy.

You know that being happy doesn’t have to come from other people. You can find happiness within. While connections are important to you they do not rule your life.

3. You look from within for the things you need.

You do not look externally for the things you lack. You work hard to find these things within because you know as a person you are never actually lacking anything. We are all capable of great things.

4. You do not brag.

Bragging doesn’t get anyone anywhere. You are fine with your achievements going unnoticed. Everything you do is done for yourself and not others.

5. Your intuition guides you to where you need to be.

You truly listen to your intuition in all the ways that matter. You let it guide you to where you need to be rather than fighting against it. You have achieved something great within.

6. You never feel the need to manipulate the truth.

You know where you are in life and are never dishonest. You are well aware those who manipulate the truth are going to end up stuck in their web of lies. You have everything together.

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