6 Signs of a Dying Society

By July 18, 2017 Other, Rabbit Hole

It is quite obvious in this day and age our society is dying. People who reveal the terrible deeds and wrongdoings of those who are supposed to be our protectors are made out to be villains when in all reality they are heroes. In a place like the US, we need more heroes.

When you really begin looking at things from the right perspective you begin noticing all of the cracks forming in what we call society today. Distorted thinking is ruining everything, and no one is benefiting from anything other than the wealthy. Signs of decay are everywhere.

6 Signs our society is dying:

1. One in four Americans suffer from mental illness and yet mental health facilities are being cut.

Because of cuts for many people desperate for help prison is the only option. Almost half of the 25 percent of adults who experience mental illness in a given year are homeless.

2. Corporations are allowed to do whatever they want, their crimes are overlooked.

When normal everyday people commit crimes they are prosecuted to the fullest extent and yet when these huge corporations do it they are completely overlooked. CEOS are rarely ever charged for their crimes.

3. Unpaid taxes of 500 companies could pay for a job for every unemployed American.

For more on this click here. Citizens for Tax Justice reported that Fortune 500 companies are holding at least two trillion dollars worth of profits offshore so that they can avoid paying taxes on them. This would add up to be about six hundred billion dollars, money our society needs but will never get. Not to mention the at least eight million potential jobs beyond our borders.

4. The average person cannot afford the medications they need.

An AARP study of 115 specialty drugs found that the average cost of a year’s worth of prescription drugs was over $50,000 this is three times more than the average Social Security Benefit. For more information on this please click here.

5. Prisons are full of people who shouldn’t be there.

According to a report from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYC School of Law, almost 40 percent of the US prison population are behind bars with no compelling public safety reason.

6. People are struggling to the point where a lot of them are becoming homeless.

Homelessness is a very real issue here in the US. Lots of these homeless people are veterans, who we should be supporting. In January of 2015, there were approximately 564,708 homeless people, this being people sleeping outside or living in an emergency shelter. For more information on the issue of homelessness click here.

We live in a world where the rich get richer and the poor only get poorer. The middle class is being fed off of by the super-rich and we are getting nowhere. Society is being ripped apart and is crumbling yet nothing is being done. These are only a few of the many signs of decay, is there no end to the corruption?

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