Sure, we have all heard tons of horror stories in regards to Mcdonald’s food, right? While some of the things you hear are untrue, sadly a lot of these things are true.

Below you will find a list of reasons you should not eat at Mcdonald’s. If you want more information on each click the number and you will be redirected. I for one have been sworn off of Mcdonald’s for years and will never go back to eating it.

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Food From Mcdonald’s:

1. There are 19 ingredients in Mcdonald’s french fries.

Yes, normal plain french fries literally somehow have 19 ingredients. While Mcdonald’s claims each of these ingredients is important, I doubt you see the need for things like Dimethylpolysiloxane, which is a silicon used to make silly putty. How could that ever be considered necessary?

2. The salad is literally less healthy than their other foods.

The salad is supposed to be the healthy option at this fast food joint, right? Well, it isn’t! It has just as many calories as a burger. How in the world have they managed to achieve that?

3. Most of the foods served contain phosphate.

While this is perfectly fine in small amounts, the excess that people eat from Mcdonald’s and how often people eat it makes this a terrible thing. The risks associated with consuming too much can be toxic.

4. The food is literally addictive.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in California have actually confirmed this. They found that Mcdonald’s food is literally as addictive as cocaine. This is because the high sugar content of their fast food as it over stimulates the production of dopamine.

5. The average Mcdonald’s chicken nugget is only about 50 percent meat.

For some time this has been talked about but it is true. Bosses at the burger chain have confessed that these ‘McNuggets’ only contain about 45 percent chicken and the rest is for the most part ‘marinade and coating.’ While it is ‘100 percent chicken breast meat’ it is not 100 percent meat.

6. Their food will not ‘go bad’ even after 12 years.

Back in 1996 wellness educator Karen Hanrahan put Mcdonald’s food to the test. she kept a burger for 12 years and when compared to a fresh burger it looked the same. The only difference was that the 12-year-old burger was a bit dried up, there were no signs of mold or anything of the sort. Since her experiment, many have tried this themselves and gotten similar results.

For more on the shocking things piling against Mcdonald’s check out the video below. While you have the choice to eat there I strongly suggest that you don’t. Did you know any of these things?

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