If you are a mentally strong person you know all too well how hard dating can be. Finding the right guy and making things work is never easy or that simple.

Sure, others might think that because you are mentally strong you are not capable of falling prey to their manipulation but you are, we all are. Toxic people are often drawn to mentally strong individuals because they know they can take advantage of them. Mentally strong people are very kind, compassionate, and tend to give a lot more than they should.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs I have noticed in myself and the people around me as they go through their lives. These things are some of the many reasons why toxic people are attracted to those who are mentally strong. Once again, while some of this might be a bit harder to hear please keep an open mind.

6 Reasons Why Toxic People Are Drawn to Those Who Are Mentally Strong:

1. Mentally strong people are good at getting over things for the most part.

Toxic people want your energy. They feed off of it like leeches. You let them say whatever they want and do whatever they want and you just get over it.

2. Mentally strong people give them more time than others.

Toxic people want all the time they can have. They want your attention and all of it at that. They know that when they catch the attention of a mentally strong person they can maintain it for awhile.

3. Mentally strong people are much more open than others.

Toxic people like open people because they don’t have to put much effort in getting to know them or really spending real time with them. Surprisingly this happens a lot more than you think. People are taken advantage of by those who are supposed to be their partners. They want to have their cake and eat it too but life does not work like that.

4. Mentally strong people are much more laid back than others.

Toxic people are often quite stressed and anxious so they like being around the mentally strong people because they are the exact opposite. They maintain a sense of real positivity that the toxic person cannot find within. While this could be a bit odd, it really makes a difference.

5. Mentally strong people are great listeners who don’t know how to say no.

Toxic people will go on and on about themselves for as long as you will let them. If you do not say no at some point they will literally keep going until they cannot do so any longer. Mentally strong people are not usually good at saying no but once they work it up they get things done properly.

6. Mentally strong people are much more positive than others.

Toxic people want to be around mentally strong people because they feel like being around these people builds them up in some kind of way. While there is no real clear-cut proof this happens it is mentioned a lot. They feel like your positivity rubs off on them even if just for a moment.

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