With all that is going on in the celestial world there is no wonder we have been feeling a bit chaotic as of lately. With the retrogrades of at least a handful of planets underway, what does this mean for us all?

Some of the planets currently retrograding include Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and to come will be Mercury. With this, the things around us are going to be a bit more intense than we might want them to be. That being said, the effects of these retrogrades will be overwhelmingly positive despite all of the tension before us.

Saturn brings forth lessons and responsibility whereas Jupiter is working to help us reconsider our values. Everything that is before us is happening for a reason. We are never brought to something we cannot overcome. Personally, I have wanted to break down more than once in the days that have passed during this intense retrograding cycle but in the end, I have remained strong.

While Mercury is not yet in retrograde we are already feeling some of the effects it has on our minds and bodies. Mercury forces us to delve inward and can evoke a lot of negative emotions. We will become angrier and some of us will be forced to face things we never thought we could. During this time communication will be of the utmost importance.

While I am not going to go over each and every planet and the things that its retrograde might have in store for you I am going to hopefully remind you that retrogrades are nothing but positive when you allow them to truly work their magic on you. We have gone over each of these retrogrades as they have come into play and each one holds its own power.

Embrace the opportunities before you and allow these retrogrades to help heal you from within. If you have been holding onto any kind of emotional wounds or pains from the past that you have struggled with overcoming now is the time to really see things through.


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