While most people don’t notice how much of an impression words can really leave on a person, manipulators most definitely do. They use a lot of phrases with the intent of winning their victims over and that is something we all need to be aware of.

Manipulators come in all shapes and sizes but a lot of what they say is the same. Below I am going to go over some of the more common phrases they will use to try and win you over or keep you in their trance. These are phrases they know they can use to either disarm you or trap you into thinking they are seemingly harmless. Don’t let their words make up for their mistakes and don’t let them say one thing only to never follow through.

If you ever find yourself around someone who says these things but does the opposite don’t let them play you for a fool. Cut contact, move forward, and stay away not everyone has the same intentions that you do. Just because you’re a kind person doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Actions speak louder than words, always remember that.

6 Phrases Manipulators Tend to Use to Make You Think They’re ‘Harmless’:

1. “You’re acting crazy!”

They will call you crazy or ‘stupid’ so that it makes you feel like you are the one who is in the wrong regardless of what it was he or she did. This is the manipulator’s means of disarming you and getting you to think that they have done nothing wrong after all. It makes you question whether or not you are overreacting about what it is you are going on about.

2. “I’m sorry.”

They will apologize a lot but never really seem to make any changes. They don’t let things really sink in. They feel like their apology in itself makes up for whatever they have done and never take the initiative to make things right.

3. “Why do you overthink everything?”

They will ask you why you overthink to make you question yourself. They want you to think that you are lashing out or going too far even when you aren’t. Chances are you’re being pretty reasonable they just don’t want to deal with the situation.

4. “It won’t happen again.”

When they say it won’t happen again and it happens six more times, why let them waste your time? They think that they can do whatever they want and brush it off when it upsets you. They don’t care about your wellbeing.

5. “Look what you caused!”

They will act like you’ve caused the issue when all you did was address something that is going on. You are not always in the wrong and you need to be aware of this. They should not be blaming you for their wrongdoings if you call them out on their shit stick to your guns.

6. “Why do you always have to be like this?”

You are not ‘like’ anything. You are just addressing something that needs to be addressed. Unless you’re really going off about things that don’t matter you shouldn’t be forced to back down. They will bully you into not speaking out through these things.

You are your own person. You don’t have to let anyone else control you. If someone is manipulating you or making you feel bad for feeling bad cut ties. You deserve better.

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