With the movie ‘Us’ having finally appeared on the big screen the idea of doppelgangers or dark versions of ourselves is quite present in the minds of many. What do you think about the idea of having a double ‘you?’

In regards to dark versions of ourselves, there are many myths and stories in general that have managed to travel throughout the years. Some are considered to be well-known and ‘true’ while others are quite confusing with unknown origins. For the most part, it seems doppelgangers are some kind of ghostly or spiritually evil twin versions of ourselves. We are the light, and they are in essence the dark. Whether you believe that you may or may not have one doesn’t really matter as the stories associated with them will still make your skin call regardless.

Below I am going to go over some of the famous instances or mysterious myths surrounding doppelgangers so that you can better understand them for yourself. While it might not seem that spooky to see yourself when you experience it everything changes. Have you ever seen someone who could have been your twin?

6 Myths About Doppelgangers That Will Have You Quaking:

1. President Lincoln saw his double.

Abraham Lincoln himself actually saw his doppelganger in a mirror once. This happened just after he had won his presidency (and back in the 1860s). In that moment he saw but a pale sickly version of himself with sunken in eyes. He and his wife saw this as a serious omen and came to the conclusion that it meant bad luck and that he would not see out his second term as president according to The Paranormal Guide. This comes across as quite shocking as Lincoln was assassinated soon after.

2. It is your evil version from within the underworld.

There is actually a Native American myth/story from long ago that basically says doppelgangers are our evil doubles who come from the pits of hell or the underworld. In the underworld, the things going on in the underworld are opposite so everything good that happens to you happens oppositely to the ‘you’ that isn’t quite ‘you.’ That being said, some people think it is merely a ghost that lived a life long before you were ever able to.

3. Emilie Sagee was mocked and plagued by her Doppelganger.

While quite the interesting story, Emilie Sagee a teacher in France back in the 19th century actually suffered big time because of her double. Her double would mock her while she was teaching in front of all of her students and even act on its own performing tasks around the school. She had at least 18 different teaching jobs in a period of 16 years and I believe this explains why that being said, she herself never saw her double which makes things even more interesting.

4. Queen Elizabeth I saw her double lying in her bed.

As unbelievable as it might seem, Queen Elizabeth I actually saw her doppelganger too. She saw hers lying in her bed motionless. It was ‘pallid, shivered and wan’ which blew her away. She saw this as a horrible sign even though she overall was not necessarily superstitious and not long after she passed on herself. Coincidence? I think not.

5. Seeing your double means you will die/is an omen of death.

Something you will always hear from those who look into this kind of thing is that doppelgangers are a bad sign. When you come in contact with your double, you are either going to die or suffer something extremely life ruining/changing. If you see them more than one time you should be running for the hills.

6. Catherine the Great actually had an encounter with her doppelganger before she died.

According to several different sources, Catherine and her servants saw her double sitting on her throne (she was the Empress of Russia in the 18th century for those who do not know) and was quite confused. While she ordered her servants to shoot the doppelganger, she herself did not last long after. She died just one week later.

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