Social media is a lot of things for a lot of people. To be completely honest, it rules most of our lives whether we actually realize it or not but there is more to it than you might think.

When we think of social media in current times our minds run straight for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook is easily the most used and ‘largest’ in strength than any other social media at this time. For the most part, we share a lot on Facebook. From what we had for dinner to who pissed us off at the drive through it is all there. Some people reveal things online that they shouldn’t be revealing at all, we have gotten far too open, to say the least.

That all aside, while social media does bring us closer to one another in some ways it is a very ‘evil’ thing in other ways. Facebook literally works to control our minds. Sure, they don’t admit to it like that but when you break things down mind control is at the root of all that comes from this wonderfully sinister social media giant. These ‘evil’ things are coming to light more and more in recent times so I thought going over them here would be beneficial for all of us.

Notification Stimulation

The sounds that we hear go off on our phones or computers when we get a like, comment, share, message, or other things of the sort stimulate our brains. Doesn’t it feel good to see something getting a lot of likes? This happens in the same way that flashing lights at the casino as per the casino effect. The noises we hear when we get a Facebook notification equate in our minds to attention and oh boy do we crave attention. This has some people glued to their phones 24/7.

Venting Access/False Empowerment

We all now have a place to vent. This makes us feel as if the things we are saying have more power than they do. We can literally go on Facebook and say whatever we want to say because people respond to it we either post things we think people will like or things we think people will hate, this is done to trigger a response.

Like Addiction/Addictive Engagement

Some people like ‘likes’ so much that they spend all their time trying to get more of them. This, in a sense programs the person to be ‘fake’ in order to impress others. It is a cycle that I have seen far too often. Facebook wants you to become addicted to engaging.

Facial Recognition

Has your Facebook account ever suggested that you tag someone in a photo that you uploaded because it recognized who that person was on your friends list? While most don’t think about this, it is a bit alarming. Facebook seems to ‘track our faces.’ I am sure their programs could easily spot you in just about any photograph if you have a few already uploaded to go off of. Facebook even submitted a patent for a new technology a while back that allowed them to turn your smartphone’s camera on without your knowledge and analyze your face as you are scrolling through the site. Scary isn’t it?

Analyzing Public Response

Facebook has a bird’s eye view of what we are all interested in. It knows how we are reacting to different events whether they are politics, disasters, or anything else of the sort. They can also use this to tell whether or not we believe what the government is pushing us to believe and so forth. They know all.

The Stalker Website

Facebook also tracks pretty much everything about you. We post things like our opinions, foods we like, celebrities we hate, everything of the sort. Facebook can create a profile on you based off of the things you find interesting and essentially tell what kind of person you are based on these things.

Have you ever stopped to think about these things? I for one will be limiting my time online a bit more after looking into these things.

(Image Via: The Sleuth Journal)

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