6 Dangers That Come With Opening Your Third Eye Everyone Needs to Know

Opening the third eye is something you will notice a lot of people talking about in the spiritual world. It is a defining moment in our paths, but something a lot of people get wrong is ‘when’ you should open it.

We should not be rushing the opening of our third eye. We should only do it when the time is right, and we are where we need to be spiritually. The third eye is often referred to as the gate that leads us within, to deeper realms of our being. The realms that are connected to everyone and everything else in this Universe. With that comes a lot of turmoil if you are not prepared properly.

I feel like everyone should be aware of the dangers of forcing opening their third eye too soon or too quickly. Personally, I feel we should let things happen at their own pace, but I understand that is not the way everyone is going to see things. Just remember the things below before jumping right into things and take your time.

6 Dangers That Come With Opening Your Third Eye Everyone Needs to Know:

1. Overwhelming Uncomfortable Energy

If you aren’t ready to open your third eye the energy that comes with opening it will be overwhelming, to say the least. You will be uncomfortable on a level you may not be able to handle. Your body is going to feel like it is fighting your soul in an energetic way.

2. Heightened Sensitivity

You will become more sensitive to light and other things. It will be as if everything that was just fine before really bothers you. Thinking about it now sensitivity is probably the lest awful on this list but it still sucks. It will make getting through the day to day a lot harder.

3. Headaches

You will notice a lot of tension in your head. You will have depending on the person mild or severe headaches. No, they will not just stop overnight they will last until you are where you need to be spiritually.

4. You Leak Life Energy

When you force your third eye open when you are not ready you are damaging yourself. Oftentimes when this occurs you will find that you are being drained. This is because your life energy is leaking from your third eye. It has become a weak point for you, and while it won’t kill you unless you properly ground yourself you will have no energy.

5. Anxiety

For many people forcing the third eye open brings anxiety; it makes them overwhelmingly anxious. They cannot pinpoint why exactly and it makes things all the more frustrating.

6. Feeling Lost

Opening your third eye mixes everything up, if you aren’t prepared you will end up feeling far more lost than you ever have. It will be as if there is nothing you can do to find a place where you belong. Sure, you thought you have everything figured out but now you aren’t so sure.

Opening your third eye should be a euphoric experience, please be careful and make sure you are ready before even giving it a go. Don’t ruin all of the magical things that can come with being truly where you need to be. For some information on when you shouldn’t open your third eye check out the video below.

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