While we all look at mental strength as something people should have, are we truly understanding it properly? Just because someone is mentally strong doesn’t mean they can’t be down in the dumps sometimes.

I had noticed a lot of misconceptions about mental strength that I would really like to clear up. If you think you know what mental strength is, please let go of that definition and really let these following things sink in. Being mentally strong is about a lot more than just not giving up.

6 Common Misconceptions About Mental Strength:

1. Just because you are mentally strong does not mean you will be positive 24/7.

No one is ever positive 24/7. Sure, mentally strong people are more optimistic and choose to look for the good in things but sometimes they struggle to find it. Sometimes the mentally strong person is a negative Nancy.

2. Being mentally strong doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to give up.

If you are ready to give up on something, give up. There is no sense in holding onto something that is merely holding you back. Mentally strong people know when it is time to let go.

3. There is nothing wrong with knowing your limits.

If you cannot do something then you simply cannot do it. Just because you are mentally strong doesn’t mean you have to still try it again. Mentally strong people know that there are some things in life they won’t be able to do and they don’t let these things ruin their perspective.

Sure, it is good to push your limits from time to time, but you know how hard to push. You should never put yourself at risk over merely accomplishing a small task. It is okay to say you can’t-do something.

4. You don’t have to succeed all the time.

Failure is inevitable and being mentally strong will be full of failure. You will fall many times before you fly. Being mentally strong is about doing the right thing whether you succeed or not.

5. Mentally strong people are not afraid to say no.

Those who are mentally strong do not agree with everything. They don’t take every risk, they are more rounded than that. When someone is mentally strong they are not afraid of what you think, they can say no without feeling bad for you now disliking them.

6. You can embrace change without liking it.

Just because the mentally strong person embraces change does not mean that the change they are going through doesn’t keep them up at night. A mentally strong person will still cry after a breakup. Being mentally strong does not mean leaving all emotion behind.

Most of us really are mentally strong whether we realize it or not. This world is a very hard place but we can and will make the most of it. Check out the video below for more information on being mentally strong.

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