Emotional pain is inevitable and it is something we all must face at one point or another on our journey through life. However, through the insight and knowledge of some of the most prominent experts in the field of psychology and healing, we can find our way to the other side.

For many of us, whether we do is consciously or subconsciously, almost every move we make when navigating through our lives is intended to help us to avoid emotional pain. But no matter what we do, emotional pain is inevitable. The way to get through is understanding how to heal.

Face it.

No matter how much you may want to hide, you can’t hide from your pain. Only through facing it can we recover, and sometimes, we must let go, and feel it, even when our bodies and minds are telling us to run.

Remember to give it time.

Wounds don’t heal instantly, especially emotional ones. Don’t rush it, and don’t expect to feel better on your own time.

Don’t hold onto past rejection.

Past rejection can be just as painful as a physical ailment, according to Dr. Mercola. He says that it types with our innate need to belong, and in the end, it prevents us from fully being able to think, recall memories and make soon decisions. Let go of these rejections, and allow your mental health to flourish. Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy guilt.

Guilt can be healthy, as it shows us when we have strayed away from our own moral compass. But in most cases, the guilt we experience is unhealthy. A blogger of Psychology Today, Guy Winch writes that unhealthy guilt is unresolved, survivor, and separation (or disloyalty guilt.)

Soothe yourself during your alone time, instead of beating yourself up.

Acknowledge and love yourself, instead of beating yourself down. You are human. Recognize the humanity of your emotions, and work to heal through love not through hate.

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