As you most likely are already well aware, there is a partial solar eclipse as well as a new moon on August 11th. Both of these things will be working together and bringing new beginnings into our lives.

When it comes to things like new moons and solar eclipses you should without a doubt try to let go of everything you can and clear your mind as well as your energies before they occur. Through releasing all that you have been holding onto you can really grow properly in the weeks to come. Below I am going to go over some of the things that will really help you to let go and don’t worry if the New Moon/Solar Eclipse is already underway when you’re seeing this, you can still benefit greatly by allowing yourself to move forward properly.

5 Tips For Letting Go Of Everything During this New Moon/Solar Eclipse:

1. Remind yourself that you are not perfect.

No one is perfect because perfection does not exist, you don’t have to try to be so flawless or let yourself get stressed out. Letting go of that unrealistic expectation is going to really allow you to break free from a lot of things.

2. Slow things down as best you can.

If things are too intense for you, relax. Slow down things and really let yourself become calmer. If something has been bugging you, sit down and breathe.

3. Set your intentions properly, from the heart.

Make sure that your intentions are from the heart. Don’t go into anything with bad intent. The more positive you are overall the more positive your life will be as well.

4. Resolve any issues that have been weighing you down.

Resolving issues that are bothering you will allow you to let these energies work their magic on you without having to sort through unnecessary problems. If we can work through it ourselves, we should. You shouldn’t put things off just because they’re uncomfortable.

5. Let go of the things you cannot control/change.

If you can’t control it or change it, let it go. Stop holding onto things you cannot do anything about. When you hold onto things that you cannot do anything about you are only causing yourself a lot of pain.

(Image Via: Pixabay/natanvance)

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