An Empath for those of you who do not know is someone who is able to completely understand and even absorb the mental state of someone other than themselves. These people are not as common as you might think but I would not consider them to be rare, in general, you cannot hide much from an Empath.

With that being said, these 5 things are things that you CANNOT hide from a true Empath no matter how hard you try. Empaths can sense the emotions of others and are more than capable of noticing when someone is showing dishonesty. One of the things Empath’s struggle with the most, to be honest, is calling out a dishonest person for their behavior. Sometimes it is a very troubling problem to have to address.

Empaths have a sense of intuition like nothing you have ever experienced before and it is not something you can just slip through. Because of this Empaths tend to surround themselves with people who are not in the least bit toxic. No, I am not saying Empaths are perfect because they are not. Empaths are still human and no human is perfect.

What I mean is they are different than most people and if you know one personally I am sure you understand what I mean. Their sensitivity should never be seen as a weakness, this is a very intense strength. If you are considering hiding something from the Empath in your life you may wanna think twice.

5 Things You Cannot Hide From an Empath:

1. A Gift With Bad Intent

Giving the Empath a gift to make up for something that you haven’t told them about will do not good in the same way giving them a gift to serve your own hidden agenda will do no good. The Empath can see through what you are doing instantly and will not allow things to continue.

2. Your Motives

The Empath can see through that fake smile you are showing them, they are highly intuitive as I mentioned above, you’re not going to get anywhere with this. No matter how long or hard you try they will notice the cracks you leave behind and they will question them.

3. Your True Emotions

Don’t try to tell the Empath you are okay when you are not and vice versa, THEY KNOW. Emotions are what they are best at dealing with, you can’t lie to them about what they are absorbing and feeling because of you.

4. Lying About Something Big

You may be able to get a few small white lies in here and there but if you are trying to cover something big up don’t bother. Be honest with the Empath instead of putting yourself through unnecessary struggle when in the end the Empath will be more than happy to help you along if you don’t try to lie.

5. Going Behind Their Backs

An Empath will know exactly who was talking about them behind their backs regardless if someone gives them a name or not. They picked up on your malicious intent long before you began speaking badly of them and were preparing for it.

How many Empaths do you know? Remember that if you trust and respect the Empath they will work in your favor. I have never met a rude or mean Empath, if you are a toxic person that is something you need to work on, pulling other people down with you and trying to hide things from an Empath is only a waste of time. We only get one life, make the best of it.

For more information on empaths, follow this link.


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