5 Techniques for Protecting Yourself Against Negative Energies

The world that we live in, and the people who surround us, has a lot to offer. We are provided with the chance to connect with those who will aid our spiritual journey, discover those who will inspire and motivate us and learn from our communication with those who possess a deeper knowledge of topics that interest us.

However, with every positive in life, there is the balance, the yin and the yang, and there will be an equally negative influence to be found.

Negative people can be found in every area of our lives – friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and complete strangers. They drain us of our positivity, introducing their negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, and energies into our lives.

If we open the door, allowing this negativity to enter our hearts and our minds then we run the risk of losing our own hope, joy, happiness, and positivity. Negative energy can work like a dark cloud, blocking the sun out and leaving us with a feeling of darkness and despair.

In an article for Psychology Today, Carrie Barron M.D. defines ‘negativity’ as: “Negativity is a tendency to be downbeat, disagreeable, and skeptical. It’s a pessimistic attitude that always expects the worst. Negative outcomes are bad outcomes like losing a game, getting a disease, suffering an injury, or getting something stolen.”

It is important to note, however, that there is a difference between ‘negative’ people and ‘toxic’ people. Toxic people, like sociopaths, psychopaths, bullies and true destroyers of all that is good in our lives should be avoided. These individuals are actively toxic, willing to destroy anyone in their paths on their journey to ensure that they achieve all that they believe that they deserve.

‘Negative’ people, however, do not set out to bring negativity to our lives, nor do they take any joy or pleasure from it. They are often broken or vulnerable, facing a difficult time in their lives and the negativity is a result of this struggle. These are not people we should banish from our lives, leaving them behind in an effort to avoid the negative energy that currently surrounds them, in fact, they may need our support, encouragement, and assistance. Instead, we must protect ourselves from the negative energies themselves.

Protect yourself from negative energies with these 5 techniques:

1. Use Crystals to Protect

One highly used practice among those that are looking to focus and protect the energies in their lives is the use of crystals. Each type of crystal has its own individual uses, helping us to determine which we should be using at any given time. Rose quartz and jade are both known for their ability to protect the heart chakra by wearing them as a necklace.

2. Cut the Cord of Your Energy Connection

While you want to support and encourage those facing negative energy in our lives, that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to have a direct connection to your own energy, drawing from your positive energies and sharing their negativity with you. Close your eyes and visualize the cord that connects the two of you. Once you have a clear image of this cord, visualize a large sword coming down, severing the cord. The act of ‘cord cutting’ isn’t permanent. It may serve as a chance to ‘reset’ the energy connection for those that do move past their negativity.

3. Turn to the Power of Essential Oils

Much like crystals, each type of essential oil has its own uses and benefits. Protecting, healing and optimizing our overall health, there appears to be an essential oil for every purpose. Sandalwood, niaouli and myrrh have all be found to possess highly cleansing properties, ridding the body of negative energies, and working to protect you from them moving forward.

4. Utilize the Protection Posture

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is one of the more vulnerable areas on your body in relation to the energies that both enter and radiate from our bodies. When you find you are in the presence of someone that brings a negative energy you can use the protection posture to shield this energy point, protecting it. Wrap your arms casually and loosely around your body in the area of the stomach. Whenever you find yourself directly in contact with someone negative, turn your body slightly to the side while in this position, further protecting your own energies.

5. Harness the Power of Sound

Vibrational energy has the ability to influence the energies that our body welcomes and connects with. Using specific sounds, we can alter the vibrations that move through us, warding off negative energies and attracting positive energy. This includes the chanting of mantras as well as the sound of chimes, bells and gongs.

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