We all want people to want to be around us, but sometimes we set ourselves up for the exact opposite. Being ‘addicting’ is not as simple as it might seem.

Being addicting takes far more effort than it is worth sometimes. However, even the most normal person can make their presence more addicting if they really work at it. Below I am going to go over some of the things you can do to make yourself exactly that. However, do remember that regardless there is nothing wrong with who you are.

5 Ways To Make Your Presence More Addicting:

1. Try to always be optimistic.

No one likes to be around a negative nancy. The more optimistic your outlook on life itself is the better. You gotta be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Be more confident.

Confidence draws people in big time. If you want people to want to be around you make yourself sure that they do. Be as confident as possible without coming off as an ass.

3. Always make sure you smell good.

We don’t like to be around people who don’t smell good. Sure, it might sound a bit superficial but if you’ve ever been around someone who didn’t smell good or smelled bad you know what I mean. They can be the nicest people in the world but if they smell funky you’re going to notice.

4. Be more mysterious.

Mysterious people are people we are all drawn to. We want to get to know them and learn more about who they are as a person. For some reason playing the mysterious card works almost every time.

5. Be kind to the people around you.

The nicer you are to the people around you without being a pushover the nicer things they will have to say about you. This makes new people aware of you right off the bat as being someone easy to talk to or generous. We like to be around people that other people like to be around.

I know these things might seem pretty simple but for some of us, they are actually quite hard to accomplish. You can draw people in without having to obsess over it. Things are not always as complicated as we make them out to be but they are by no means the easiest. Putting forth some effort is going to benefit everyone in the long-run.

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