5 Stories the Media Ignored While Obsessing Over Milo

Throughout the past week, the media has been in a frenzy about Mil Yiannopoulos, the extremely alt-right’s flamboyant and controversial golden child. After he made yet another statement defending sexual encounters between grown men and young boys, the media hit began, and since then, it seems to be all they talk about.

Shortly after his comments went viral he lost his book deal, was banned from making his CPAC speech, and ultimately ended up losing his job at Breitbart. Unfortunately, due to the public focusing their attention on each and every step of the destruction of his career, many important news stories were left in the dark.

1. 4 Highly Ranked Russian Diplomats Died Mysteriously in the Last 60 Days

Beginning in December, four top Russian diplomats, including 3 ambassadors have died. Andrey Karlov, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey started the cycle after he was shot by a lone gunman live on television.  Next, within merely a few weeks, Andrew Malanin, a senior diplomat at the Russian embassy in Greece was found dead in his apartment. According to reports, he was said to have died due to natural causes, however, the investigation continues.

Then, Russia’s ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin died in the hospital after he became ill from an unspecified illness. And then, the most recent death of Vitaliy Churkin occurred on February 20. His death was sudden and while he was at work. The Russian foreign ministry has yet to explain his demise. As U.S and Russian relations remain rocky, the deaths are extremely strange, especially considering the connection between all four. Due to media attention remains focused elsewhere, this story has been completely swept under the rug.

2. Pablo Escobar’s Son Comes Forward and Says that His Father Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine

According to Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, son of the Medallin cartel drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, his father worked for the CIA. He made his comments through his new book, Pablo Escobar in Fraganti. He alleges that his father not only worked for the CIA selling cocaine but that he did it to finance the fight against communism in Central America. And he makes very good points, considering that Escobar smuggled millions upon millions of dollars worth of cocaine over the border.

3. Paris is On the Brink of Civil War, With Thousands Rioting in the Streets

As police brutality against the citizens of Paris has escalated to alarming levels, citizens have taken to the streets to fight back. Just last Wednesday, rioters smashed windows, looted shops, started fires, blocked roads, and chased police officers out of the city. As they marched many of them claimed they wanted justice for Theo, a young many who was horrifically beaten and sodomized by police officers weeks before.

4. U.S Admitted to Using Depleted Uranium in Syria

Contrary to vows made by the American government that depleted uranium would not be used in Syria, it has now come to the surface that they did indeed use such weaponry. Not only did they use the weapons, which are responsible for birth defects, cancer, kidney, and liver failure, they stated they would use them again.

5. Fukushima Radiation Now at “Unimaginable” Levels

Despite claims that the Fukushima nuclear fallout had been contained, it has now been discovered that radiation levels surrounding the plant have reached 530 sieverts per hour. Even the robots that were sent in to obtain the measurements were destroyed by the radiation. One discovery that was made, was that a massive and gaping hole was inside of the reactor. Unfortunately, no repairs have been made, and because the levels are so dangerous, it could be quite some time before they are able to.

Sadly, these majorly important and life changing events were disregarded for the most part, while we were all concerned with Milo. What makes this that much worse is the fact that what Milo says doesn’t effect our day to day life. However, unimaginable levels of radiation, civil unrest, and Russian ambassadors quickly and mysteriously dying off, does. When will we learn that whenever there is a 3-ring-circus side show spectacle taking place in the media, that something else is being hidden.

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