Sometimes we find our twin flame at the wrong time. Perhaps one of the two is in a relationship or something else is going on.

While there will be a lot of things going through your mind when you think you have somehow managed to find your twin, it isn’t easy to feel as though they are with someone else. It really feels tragic to be completely honest. You ask yourself time and time again why your twin is with who they are with because of the connection you so deeply know is there.

Just keep in mind everything happens for a reason and even if it isn’t in this life you will end up together eventually. Maybe now isn’t the time but the time will present itself someday. Your twin being with someone else is not the end of the world, because there is much more to the story than you realize.

5 Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Might Be Dating Someone Else:

1. They aren’t where they need to be spiritually.

Sometimes we are ready but they aren’t. They have to go through the process on their own. If they aren’t where they need to be spiritually, things will never work. You both have to be on the same page.

2. One of you is still searching for authenticity.

Whether it is you or your twin, someone is unsure of themselves. You have to find yourself before you can truly be with your twin. Whether or not you have both found yourselves will make a huge difference.

3. The timing is wrong.

Maybe you crossed paths too soon. Sometimes we are allowed a glimpse of something for a reason. Don’t waste your time obsessing over what you wish could be. Let things play out as the universe wants them to.

4. You need to learn a lesson.

If you are still at a place in life where being with your twin isn’t going to work the universe is going to test you. This might be a test. You should try to read between the lines, what lesson is the universe trying to teach you?

5. They are preparing themselves for the things to come.

If they are with someone else they might not quite feel ready to be with you. You might end up months or years later. Just because your twin isn’t ready doesn’t mean they don’t feel what you are feeling. The twin flame relationship is one that most people struggle with.

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