Unspoken words lead to almost every failed relationship, aside from cheating. Miscommunication at its finest moments can really tear you and your partner away from one another in some of the most prominent ways.

We tend to fall too hard into the idea that our partners know what we are thinking or what we mean when we are speaking or in this case, not speaking. We let our ego get the best of us and really don’t take the initiative to talk things out. When this kind of thing happens you can be sure that problems are going to grow until something is either resolved or explodes.

Below I am going to go over some of the things we should never forget to tell our partners. These are things that need to happen whether they consist of voicing your emotions or asking about your partners it will help you two to grow together. If you are both able to sit down and speak with one another you can get through just about anything.

5 Things Your Partner Needs to Hear You Say:

1. Your partner needs to hear you say ‘I Love You,’ and as Often As Possible

Your partner needs to be reminded sometimes that you love them. While you might think he or she knows you love them, hearing those words makes all the difference in the world. When we are in a relationship, sometimes we forget to say things like this and it can cause a lot of tension or turmoil.

2. Your partner needs you to ask them how they’re feeling.

Your partner needs you to be willing to ask them what is going on in their emotional world. Not everyone knows how to start the conversation on how they are feeling. If you can tell something is bothering them, tell them that and ask them what is wrong. Find out if there is something you can do.

3. Your partner needs you to tell them what is going on.

Your partner needs you to be able to sit down and tell them why you are doing the things you are doing. No, you don’t have to know what each other is doing 24/7 but you shouldn’t let him or her think you’re being sneaky or hiding something when you aren’t. Being open and honest is important within all relationships.

4. Your partner needs to hear what is bothering you.

Your partner needs to hear you say what is bothering you. No one can read your mind. Your partner might not realize something they are doing is affecting you. Communication is important within all relationships.

5. Your partner needs to be reminded that you are there for them.

Your partner needs your support. Reminding him or her that you are proud and there for them will really make them feel great. This is something we tend to forget even in the best moments and need to be told time and time again especially in our worst moments.


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