While you may not realize it, sociopaths are all around us and interact with us daily. Sadly, we often don’t realize until it’s too late that we are dealing with a sociopath and then the damage is already done.

However, sociopaths and narcissists use similar techniques to break us down and shake our confidence before victimizing us. Here are five of their most popular phrases:

1. “Your ______.”

Insert random word including crazy, too sensitive, bipolar, bitchy, etc. Sociopaths use name calling to divert the attention away from themselves.

2. “We are soulmates.”

In the beginning, the sociopath will love bomb, which means they will tell you anything they feel like you would want to hear to reel you in. Typically, they are known for using words like soulmate early on, in order to make their victim fall quickly in love with them. Additionally, the sociopath is likely to use such a phrase when called out in order to reel you back in. In turn, you will doubt why you were ever angry in the first place.

3. “You are misunderstanding me.”

By focusing on YOU, instead of them, they can once again divert the attention back to you. Not only will this change the subject but it draws the responsibility away from the sociopath.

4. “No one will love you like me.”

This single phrase induces thoughts of low self-esteem and poor confidence. However, usually, the phrase follows a series of antics that show anything but love. This is a red flag!

5. “You’re focusing too much on that,” or as a bonus, “You think too much.”

When you go to point out how they are harming you, the sociopath is likely to go into defense mode and turn the attack back around onto you. This includes using phrases that make you feel crazy rather than relevant so that the victimizer can continue his/her assault.

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