While many of us may enjoy a bit of sushi here and there, this man took it to another level. Sadly, this man ate sushi and sashimi every single day until a massive parasite slithered out of his body.

This man was about 30 years old and from Fresno California. He was experiencing severe cramps and bloody diarrhea when he decided a trip to the ER was in order. The Washington Post recently did an interview with an emergency physician at the University of California at San Francisco who treated this unfortunate man.

The name of this emergency physician is Kenny Banh and boy did he have a story to share. You can click here to hear Banh speak on the podcast “This Won’t Hurt a Bit.” Hanh said that the man came in wanting to get treated for ‘worms.’ This man had a bag with some of his worm inside of it. This worm was wrapped around a toilet paper roll and when it was stretched out measured almost 6 foot long!

When asked how he was able to extract the worm this man told Bahn that he was having some problems in the bathroom and noticed a piece of what he thought was intestine hanging out of his bum. He began pulling on it and it just kept coming and coming. While the worm was dead when presented to Banh the man claims it was still alive when he was pulling it out.

Kenny Banh


While it is a great relief that the man’s intestines weren’t hanging out but the idea of a worm inside our bodies definitely is enough to make my skin crawl. Now when it came to trying to determine where the man obtained his intestinal friend they determined that it was from eating this raw fish apparently one too many times. That being said, Bahn also mentioned there was a warning about parasites in salmon not too long ago sent out by the CDC.

Now, if anyone is not familiar with tapeworms, they are long flat-worms that consist of segments. They live in our intestines when we have them and they can cause a lot of issues. Click here to learn more about tapeworms in general.

While it is a bit terrifying, it is important to know when things like this happen. Be aware of the things going into your body, just because a restaurant has ‘good food’ doesn’t mean the food is ‘risk-free.’

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