It’s a frightening world we live in today – all you have to do is turn on the news for 2 minutes to be reminded of all the violence, hatred and destruction happening all around us. In the face of such toxic negativity, we need to be reminded that there is still hope for the human race…

Kindness, compassion, and selflessness appear to be extremely rare traits in today’s materialistic and shallow world. However, it’s important to notice that while much of the world is completely focus on their own personal status and fame, there are also some amazing people among us. This ranges from the more extreme cases, people who literally risk their own lives for the wellbeing of others, right down to those who simply acknowledge the profound impact a single gesture or act of kindness can have on someone else’s life. Don’t believe me?

Here are 45+ photos that will restore your faith in humanity:

#1 – IHOP employee Joe Thomas had the opportunity to get to know his regulars, including Dale and ‘Ma’. Caring for his wife, Dale would feed her first each visit, before enjoying his own meal. On the day of this photo, Thomas sat down to feed ‘Ma’, allowing her and Dale to enjoy a rare meal together.

#2 – This young child shows us that kindness and compassion have no age limit, putting everything he’s got into helping a man in a wheelchair to navigate over a bump in the road.

#3 – When faced with the dangers of a flooding situation, this man risks his own life to save that of a wallaby that he spots drowning in the dangerous waters.

#4 – Professor Dr. Sidney Engelberg in Jerusalem does his best to help one of his students to focus in the classroom by volunteering to take and calm the baby himself. He allows all students to bring their children to class if necessary in order to ensure that education is open to everyone.

#5 – Focused on spreading happiness and joy in the world, a young girl opens a ‘rainbow shop’ where she draws rainbows for those who visit free of charge.

#6 – After answering a call and taking a mother of five to the hospital, these offers in the Netherlands returned to her home where they proceeded to do her dishes and cook a meal for her children.

#7 – Recognizing that service is more than just taking an order from behind the counter, this employee at a Chinese food restaurant helped an elderly man to make his way to his seat, taking his order and bringing his food out to him.

#8 – During a drought in Kenya, this kind-hearted man took time out every day to drive his truck out, delivering water to thirsty wild animals in the area.

#9 – A teenage boy in Bulgaria spots a stray dog drowning in a frozen lake. He risks his own safety to pull the dog to safety.

#10 – Embarrassed by the pollution left along the beaches by the tourists that come and go, this South African local spends his time cleaning up the beaches in Bantry Bay. When asked about his efforts, he explains he simply wants to ‘make the place nice’.

#11 – During a flood in his hometown, a man carries a basketful of kittens to safety, saving them from the dangerous waters.

#12 – Discovering $5000 in a discarded refrigerator, this man decided that rather than keeping the money he would put in the effort to find the person who had lost it. It turn’s out that this money was a woman’s life savings, kept ‘safe’ in her fridge prior to removing it from her home.

#13 – Recognizing just how blessed he is, this man removes his own shoes, giving them to a young girl after seeing that she didn’t have any.

#14 – Rather than expecting this young child to act a certain way, his barber was incredibly understanding that life with Autism can be complicated. Climbing down onto the floor alongside the boy, he allowed the young child to play games on a phone while he cut his hair where the boy felt most comfortable.

#15 – During a race, marine Myles Kerr spotted a young boy, separate from the group he had started with. No longer concerned with how he placed, the marine finished last after helping the young runner.

#16 – Recognizing that this woman was unable to shield herself from this heavy downpour, this man is willing to let himself get wet if it means that he can show a little kindness and compassion, keeping her dry.

#17 – When fire tore through a pet sanctuary, Perry Boore, an 82-year-old animal lover, and operator of the sanctuary ran toward danger, saving as many dogs as he was physically capable of saving.

#18 – In order to provide his senior dog some much-needed relief from the pain of arthritis, John Unger takes his dog out into Lake Superior. He has found that the water has a therapeutic effect for the dog.

#19 – They say it is our responsibility to care for not only ourselves but for the other species among us, a responsibility this man takes seriously. Unable to locate a cup he allows this cat to drink from his paws so that it can have access to drinking water on a hot day.

#20 – Fans at a Korn concert in Moscow went out of their way to ensure that a handicapped concert goer would have the full concert experiencing, holding him up above the crowd.

#21 – Mark Bustos, a New York-based hairstylist volunteers his time to provide homeless people around the world with haircuts free of charge.

#22 – When Michael Sulsona’s wheelchair broke while shopping at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center, three employees quickly jumped to the man’s aid. Sitting the veteran in another chair while they did their work, they took the wheelchair apart, replacing all of its broken parts, ensuring that it would once again work like new.

#23 – While cleaning windows at a Children’s Hospital, Memphis workers realized that the young patients within could see them hard at work. In order to bring them a little joy and entertainment, they dress up as superheroes before getting to work outside their windows.

#24 – Working to do their part to promote literacy, encouraging everyone in this area to curl up and read, this bookstore owner is offering the opportunity to dig into a good book even if they don’t have the money to purchase one at this time.

#25 – Marathon runner Jacqueline Kiplimo sacrifices her first-place finish in order to help a disabled runner get a necessary drink of water during a race in Taiwan. This cost her $10,000 in prize money.

#26 – Paul, a homeless man in Las Vegas, could be seen day in and day out for months reading the same book over and over, his love of reading so great that he wasn’t going to let his lack of books limit his enjoyment. Seeing this, an individual in the area for a conference gifted the man their Kindle, complete with a couple hundred books.

#27 – With only an hour to spend on his lunch, this man decided to do something meaningful for his illiterate co-worker, taking this time to read to him each day.

#28 – Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Briggs spent a full 60 minutes talking to Kevin Berthia, a troubled man who was going to attempt suicide, convincing him to climb back over the railing to safety. Eight years later, Berthia was honored to present Briggs with an award at an American Foundation for Suicide event.

#29 – A Russian firefighter is pictured here rescuing a family’s terrified cat from a house fire.

#30 – In an effort to help local shelter dogs find their ‘forever home’, woman donates her time shooting unique and adorable photos.

#31 – After rescuing this cat from a house fire, the heroic firefighter can be seen administering oxygen to make sure that the feline is okay.

#32 – When none of a young autistic boy’s classmates showed up for his birthday party the boy was devastated. His mother posted on Facebook asking for assistance to brighten his day and a number of kind-hearted people were more than willing to answer the call including local families, firefighters, and police officers.

#33 – Spotting a small kitten in danger, a man uses his umbrella to pull the tiny creature to safety.

#34 – Young children in this community have more options to enjoy their local park as swings designed to accommodate a wheelchair have been installed.

#35 – Thankful for the opportunity he was given, this Syrian refugee was determined to give back, donating his time and money to making free meals for the homeless.

#36 – When the rain started pouring down, this Wendy’s employee was willing to do what he could to protect an elderly customer from the elements, grabbing an umbrella from one of the restaurant’s tables and running to his aide.

#37 – When these two Norwegian guys saw a baby lamb struggling in the ocean, they knew that its chance of survival was all but impossible unless someone stepped in to save it. That was all it took to send these men into action, pulling the lamb free from the rough waters.

#38 – After taking an elderly patient to the hospital after he had a heart attack shoveling his driveway, local paramedics returned to his house to finish the job for him.

#39 – Demonstrating selfless giving at a young age, this young girl sold all of her stuffed animals, a prized possession for a child, donating the money that she earned to a local animal shelter.

#40 – When a woman passed out while shopping at Walmart, she was quickly cared for by a registered nurse, her daughter, and various Walmart personnel. There was, however, one individual that really stood out – Jason, without being asked, got right down on the floor to provide the woman with a support to lean against, is own body, helping her to sit up until the paramedics arrived.

#41 – Everyone needs a little Christmas cheer in their lives, and these elves set out to do just that. They snuck around leaving gifts and food for the homeless in their area.

#42 – Amidst the tragedies of war, this soldier is seen rescuing a young kitten in Korea.

#43 – Spotting a duck trapped under the ice, certain to perish in a frozen lake, Lars Jorun Langoien dove into the icy waters, rescuing the bird and giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, giving it a second chance at life.

#44 – Determined to do their part to assist the unemployed in their area, this dry cleaner is offering to clean an outfit for any upcoming interview free of charge.

#45 – After his 84-year-old grandmother felt like she needed to apologize for having to wear her nightgown in front of family, her grandson decided to step up and put a smile on her face by wearing one as well.

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