Right now there is an abundance of spiritual growth circulating around the entire globe. We are experiencing a shift of consciousness on a global scale, and it’s absolutely incredible! It might just be the reason your soul feels so overwhelmed right now!

You know what I mean when I say your soul feels overwhelmed. There’s so much going on the world and there is a mix of circulating energies going around right now. There’s massive amounts of bad energy, negative people, and negative things happening in the world right now, but there is also an abundance of positive energy. More and more people these days are becoming aware of their higher consciousness, practicing mindfulness, and even doing yoga! If you’re having a hard time adjusting to this major shift in the world today it can cause you to feel… well, overwhelmed in a sense. It’s kind of like your soul is just confused about where to pursue in the world today. Where do you begin, and how can you possibly keep up and make an impact in the rapid moving society today? Well, lots of ways.

Spiritual awakenings aren’t always an easy thing to conquer. You must overcome many difficult emotions and feelings throughout the process. You might be forced to overcome a childhood trauma or some kind of large emotional barrier you have. Aside from the more intense issues you might be met with, there is much more positive things to come. There is a synchronicity in it all; It’s like more and more people are aligning on a mindset and you’re part of something important and large.

While this an amazing and prosperous time in your life, you’ll be forced to feel things you’ve never felt before. This can cause some stress on your soul if you do not understand all that is happening.

4 Reasons Your Soul Feels So Exhausted Right Now

1. You’re Breaking Away From Society

Amongst a spiritual awakening one will experience a variety of changes and shifts. Once you begin to reveal your spiritual significance and connecting with our higher consciousness and awareness you will realize how silly, and rather insane, society today is. You’’ disconnect yourself from society because you refuse to keep up with the trends, the standards, and the expectations. You’re done trying to fit into a worthless society. You begin living your life for yourself truly, dropping your ego and setting your materialistic objectives aside. It can cause a lot of stress on your soul because you’ve been caught up in society for so long, it can become confusing once you finally break away from it.

2. You’re Extremely Empathetic

Another factor of a spiritual awakening that might cause some grief for your soul is your extremely heightened sense of empathy. It’s almost as if you can feel other people’s emotions, and it can be a real tool to utilize in your personal relationships. However, absorbing the energy of other people all day long can be super overwhelming on the soul.

3. You’re Emotionally Sensitive

During a spiritual awakening, you will additionally become very emotionally sensitive. You come to terms with the feelings you experience and where they come from. Your newfound sense of emotional regard might be a little stressful at times – but you’ll soon realize it’s much better than keeping them bottled up and ignoring them.

4. You Want To Change The World

Amongst your newly recognized significance and awareness, you’ll really want to change the world. The worst part about it is that you know you can do it! You know you can have a major impact on the world and you have very important and useful things that other people could really benefit by hearing – But you don’t know where to begin! The world is a big place and it can be hard to find your starting point. Don’t let it overwhelm you though’ Just listen to your intensified sense of intuition!


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