Things seem to be working back up as four tropical cyclones are seen swirling around in the Pacific Ocean. We can only hope that some of them at the very least die down before making their way to land.

The most intense of the four at the moment is Hurricane Hector who as of Monday was registering almost as a Category 5 but it is currently a Category 3. While tracking west it is expected to come just south of Hawaii on Wednesday and Thursday (August 8th and 9th). Any slight change could cause a lot of damage to the island chain. This is especially troubling as no hurricane has made landfall in Hawaii since 1992.

Between Hector, John, Kristy, and Ileana who knows what we could be in store for. NOAA has been keeping a close watch on all four and if you take a look at the tweet below you can see footage of them as they spin. This swarm is getting stronger.

Hurricane John as mentioned above, is much closer to the US than we want it to be and is currently a Category 2, this expected to change as the days ensue. Kristy is the weakest of the four at the moment and doesn’t appear to be a threat to any land masses at the moment. These are not the only storms present in the world’s oceans at the moment but they are worth noting. Hurricanes are some of the most damning disasters we have to face from time to time.

You can learn more about these storms in the video below. While so far things seem alright who knows if a turn for the worst will come. What do you think about all of this? While chaotic and terrifying they are beautiful from space, wouldn’t you say?

(Image Via: Youtube)

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