Empathic people are very strong and interesting, to say the least. They are a bit more sensitive than others but this is not in a bad way.

If you have ever come in contact with an empathic person you know all too well how interesting and unique they truly are. They are in sync with something the rest of us aren’t and they have tons of traits that make up who they are. While some of these traits make things a little harder on the empathic person, they all make them stronger in the end.

31 Things That Make Empathic People Who They Truly Are:

1. They are energy sensitive.

Empathic people can really sense the energies around them. When something is bothering them it is often the energy in the air. Things you and I cannot see are really affecting them.

2. They understand how people feel on a real level.

Empathic people can really resonate with those who are going through things. They can understand from outside and within what is going on for that person. They relate to them on a level most people cannot.

3. Negativity takes a very serious toll on them.

Empathic people really don’t handle negativity well. If you keep dragging them down they will cut you out of their life. Negative energy drains the empathic person and leaves them with nothing.

4. They feel overwhelmed in crowded places.

Empathic people cannot handle big crowds. This is because it overloads their senses. There are too many people and too many emotions hitting them all at once.

5. Their senses are stronger than most.

Empathic people sense things that most people are not able to. They feel things on a deeper level and sometimes they just know things that are happening. They are in tune with the universe more-so than the rest of us.

6. They are able to take the emotions of others on as their own.

Empathic people are able to literally absorb the emotions of the people around them. They take these emotions as if they are their own and sometimes they don’t know how to let go of them. This all depends on the empath.

7. Their intuition is very strong and accurate.

They are able to figure things out that they shouldn’t be able to. Their intuition works far better than the intuitions of other people. They can tell when something bad is about to happen.

8. They can tell when people are lying.

They can read people. They see everyone’s true intentions and sometimes this is a bad thing. Being around people that are lying and trying to figure out the best method to expose them is not fun.

9. You either like them or you hate them.

Empathic people are people that you either like or don’t like. They appeal to a part of us that needs healing or wants to push that healing away. Depending on the person at hand you might not be feeling too comfortable.

10. They do not handle pain well.

Empathic people are not good at dealing with pain. They take everything too hard and aren’t able to handle much. While they can deal with it to an extent if they don’t let go of these things they will not be able to move on or to be happy truly.

11. They are very creative.

They are very creative people. They have so many ideas and are always coming up with new ways to help others. They do so much for the people around them, it is insane.

12. Other people dump their problems on them.

They let people take advantage of them. They listen to everything other people have to say and let them dump their problems onto them all the time. They just don’t know how to say no.

13. They like to focus on one thing at a time.

They tend to want to do one thing at a time whether things end up that way or not. They like to put all of their attention on one person or one thing so that it gets all of them for the time being. They don’t half-ass anything.

14. Their imagination is very active.

They have an imagination like nothing else. They come up with some of the most amazing ideas and roll through in some of the best possible ways. You won’t find them without something on their mind.

15. Time goes by much faster for them.

For the empathic person, time passes by quickly. They do everything in overdrive and never slow down. They really need to work on this.

16. They have enormous hearts.

Empathic people are too giving. They care too deeply for the people around them. They would give the shirt off their back if someone needed it.

17. They are fantastic listeners.

They are great listeners. You can come to them with anything and know that they will hear you out. They see things from a non-biased perspective which is great.

18. They are often exhausted.

They get fatigued and exhausted easily. The world around them drains them constantly. The more they do the less energy they have. That being said, they do always make the most of their time.

19. They have a deep inner strength.

They are far stronger than most other people. They are able to overcome just about anything and have a drive like nothing else. You won’t find an empathic person giving up.

20. They always seek the truth.

Empathic people are not the kind to accept lies. They are forever seeking the truth and want nothing but that. If you try to give them some of that bull they will refuse to take it.

21. They give amazing advice.

Empathic people are always able to give the best advice. The things they say are well thought out and come from a place that sees all perspectives. They really give the most amazing advice possible whether it ends up being taken or not.

22. They need their alone time.

They need their alone time so that they can recharge. If they don’t recharge they will become moody and explosive. While you will rarely ever see an empathic person at this point it is possible and you should be aware of it.

23. They do not sugar coat things.

They tell things like they are. They don’t waste time beating around the bush. If something needs to be said, they will not hesitate to say it.

24. Being in nature makes them happy.

Empathic people use their time in nature to recharge and let go of the things bothering them. This is their true happy place. Without being in nature the empathic person would be falling apart.

25. They are more introverted than extroverted.

Empathic people don’t like to be around lots of people or go out and do things. They are more introverted than most other people but not in a bad way. They still like to have fun sometimes just in different ways.

26. They do not do well in relationships.

Empathic people don’t know how to let their vulnerable side show. When they’re in a relationship they feel out of place. They are not able to open up in the ways other people are.

27. They give too much to those who don’t deserve it.

Empathic people are always giving too much of themselves. They take care of people who should be taking care of themselves and don’t give up. They will help anyone in need.

28. They cannot handle selfish or fake people.

When around fake people or selfish people empathic people end up feeling very drained. They become anxious and upset. The longer they are around these kinds of people the worse things get.

29. They see the bigger picture.

They see things as they are and where they are headed. They don’t waste their time just looking at the now. Everything happens for a reason and leads to something else.

30. They really go into things believing everyone can be fixed.

Empathic people really try their best to fix the people around them who need fixing. They don’t always realize that some people cannot be fixed. They waste their time on people who refuse to help themselves but it makes them all the more full of compassion.

31. They struggle expressing their own emotions.

Empathic people are not good at expressing themselves in an emotional way. They often push people away when they get too close. While this is something that can be worked through it is hard to do.


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