While you would assume that throwing a live baby cow into a shallow grave and wait for it to die would not be legal, the law is on the side of those doing just that. Just several days back on October 21st several women were charged with felony-level theft charges all for trying to save one of these calves.

While this pile of dead animals is literally seen as trash, these women were detained on the spot when officers arrived and as it seems the calf did not get the attention they were so desperate to get her. While in California grand theft would be steaking something over 900 dollars or so this calf was providing no economic value at all backward isn’t it?

These women were animal rights activists with the organization Direct Action Everywhere and were videoing the conditions on the form before finding this poor calf. They had just before all of this even found that those running the establishment were exploiting loopholes that allowed them to keep cows and calves in small wooden hatches. It is important to note that this location (Ray-Mar Ranches) is in Oakdale, California and while confinement of farm animals in situations where they could not at least move properly was ‘dealt with’ the dairy industry was not part of that.

Wayne Hsiung co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere told Common Dreams as follows in regards to this heartbreaking incident:

“Throwing a living animal into a dead pile is not only a violation of industry standards but its also a violation of California penal code 597, which indicated you cannot subject an animal to unnecessary cruelty and that includes farm animals.”

“Our position is factory farming is inherently cruel, but even from a factory farm perspective throwing live babies into graveyard situations where they are going to languish, slowly starve to death, and suffer heat stroke is a clear criminal violation. I don’t know of anyone who would argue that is an acceptable practice.”

These women were released but their bail was set at around ten thousand dollars each. Please check out their footage below and share your thoughts. How should this situation have been handled? Were the police in the wrong?

If you feel these women were wrongfully arrested and should not be facing these charges please click here to sign a petition against their charges and help free the baby cows who may meet a similar fate to the one they had found. DxE is about halfway to their goal of 25,000 signatures, every single one helps. Whether you are a meat eater or not, baby cows should not be thrown out alive like trash to die on their own.

(Image Via: DxE)

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