28 Simple Ways to Take Back Your Life When You Feel Broken Inside

If you are currently facing a challenging time in your life, then you may feel broken down and exhausted. It may seem easy to simply give in, accepting that this is your new normal, however, there is a better, brighter life out there just waiting for you to discover it! Just because negativity has derailed your life today doesn’t mean that you can’t take back control of yourself. You deserve all the happiness, joy and excitement that this world has to offer, so don’t settle for anything less!

Take Your Life Back with These 28 Simple Tips

1. Fake it Till You Make it

Even if you aren’t currently feeling strong feelings of happiness, put a smile on. While this won’t solve everything, by boosting your mood artificially you can, ultimately, start to create feelings of true joy and happiness in your life.

2. Meet New Friends

Meeting new people not only brings new experiences and adventures into your life, but it will also introduce you to a new point of view or way of looking at the life around us. This may be just the perspective that you need.

3. Connect with Those with Similar Experiences

If you are working through a difficult or challenging experience, allow yourself to connect with others who have ‘been there.’ This is someone who will truly understand what you are currently going through, as they too have experienced it. This could be one on one, or in a support group setting.

4. Seek Insight from Those You Trust

If you are learning to manage or deal with a difficult situation in your life, you may be blinded by your own attempts. Ask those that you trust what their impression is in regard to how you are doing and allow yourself to be open to their insight. This may help you to stay focused on the ideal path to happiness.

5. Practice Mindfulness

It is incredibly easy to become caught up in regrets from the past, or anxiety about what is yet to come. Instead, work on focusing your attention on the here and now. This is the only period of time that you currently have control over.

6. Eat Healthy

The food and drinks that you put into your body are the fuel that it will operate by. If you put nothing but junk into your system, then it is no wonder that you will feel bogged down. Instead, fuel yourself with a healthy, balanced diet to improve your energy and overall feeling of well-being.

7. Establish Boundaries

While there is nothing wrong with being there to support those that you love, it is also important to establish boundaries in order to keep yourself safe. Ensure that you don’t give so much of yourself that you have nothing else left.

8. Be Spontaneous

Try not to limit yourself to living solely by your schedule. Many of the best adventures you will take start with simply following your heart and ‘going with the flow,’ embracing all that life has to offer. Live every day as if it is your last.

9. Pay Attention to the Baby Steps

Rather than focusing all your attention on the big end goal, focus on the little daily steps that you are taking to get there. Set small goals, and smash them, allowing you to feel the joy that comes with accomplishment. These baby steps will add up to something big.

10. Take a Week Off

This doesn’t mean taking an elaborate vacation, simply take a week off everything. Step away from social media, allow yourself to sleep in without the alarm, and do whatever you feel called to do. Allow yourself to just ‘be’ without having to be productive.

11. Eliminate a Bad Habit

Choose one bad habit that you know needs to be removed from your life and take the steps necessary to make this happen. Examples include smoking, gossip, self-sabotage, drinking, junk food, gambling and over-spending.

12. Start Working Out

Experts say that physical activity can actually help boost your mood, so get out there and get active. Try a new workout class. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Just get moving.

13. Practice Gratitude

Each of us is blessed to have things that we can be thankful for in our lives, however, when we are caught up in challenging times we may lose sight of this. Take time each day to identify reasons to be thankful or start a gratitude journal to keep this all in one place, something that you can read over anytime you are struggling.

14. Allow Yourself Space for Release

Every one of us needs to find time for the things that make us happy and provide us with an emotional release in this life. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, as long as it brings a smile to your face. Curl up with a tea and your favorite book, turn on your favorite movie, pick up an instrument and express yourself through music – whatever it takes.

15. Learn Something New

If you find yourself needing a change or something to be excited for in life, this may be the ideal time to learn a new skill or hobby. Take a class, go back to school, learn a new instrument or a new language – whatever it is, learning something new will provide you with distraction from the challenges in life while expanding your mind.

16. Start a New Habit

Rather than always focusing on breaking bad habits, consider starting a good habit in your life. This could be a new workout routine, finding time to volunteer or focusing on self-care every day.

17. Travel

Sometimes the thing that you need most is simply to get away from your current life long enough for a little rest and recuperation, allowing you to ‘reset.’ You don’t necessarily have to go far. A weekend getaway one town over at a bed and breakfast may be the break you need.

18. Do Something that Scares You

While your comfort zone certainly has its role in your life, keeping you safe, in order to discover true happiness, you will need to step out into the unknown. Do something that scares you and embrace the rush of adrenaline that it will provide.

19. Walk Away from Negative Energy

If someone or something is bringing negative energy into your life, simply walk away. This may be a toxic relationship, a negative social circle or a draining recreational commitment. Whatever it is, let it go and seek something positive in it’s place.

20. Set Priorities

There are only 24 hours in a day, regardless of who you are. Unfortunately, this often means that we don’t have the time to do everything that we would like to do each day. Take the time to establish what you consider to be a priority, making it easier to see which things need to be fit into your schedule, and which can be set aside.

21. Maintain a Budget

For many, the idea of being financial unstable leads to incredibly negative emotions. This includes anxiety, depression and hopelessness among others. Simply creating and maintaining a budget can alleviate these fears and concerns.

22. Pay Attention to Your Health

While I am recommending that you do something spontaneous, and get out and live life, this doesn’t mean that you should disregard your overall health. While we live every day as our last, it’s also important to plan for tomorrow. Take steps to make yourself healthier.

23. Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

Whether it is a major award, or something as simple as getting your office clean, allow yourself to celebrate your accomplishments. Big or small, take joy in all that you do. Remember, there will be days that you’re on top of the world, and days that your biggest accomplishment is simply getting out of bed, and that’s okay.

24. Get Rid of Some Clutter

We live in a highly materialistic world, which can often lead to homes full of ‘stuff’ that may not even have a use in our lives today. Take some time to sort through the clutter in your home, donating, selling and throwing away the items that you no longer need. Reducing the clutter will provide you with a renewed sense of calmness at home.

25. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an incredibly important piece of the wellness puzzle, and yet so often overlooked. Make sure that you are carving time into your busy schedule for a good night’s sleep. Even just an hour more each night can have an incredibly positive effect on the bigger picture.

26. Embrace Your Style

There is no one out there in the world that is the same as you, that’s what makes life so interesting. Embrace your individuality and all that makes you unique. Showcase your true style, regardless of whether it’s currently ‘in’ or if it defies society’s expectations.

27. Practice Forgiveness

Holding onto a grudge isn’t going to hurt the person that has upset you or done you wrong. Instead, it will slowly eat away at you, poisoning your life and robbing you of joy. For this reason, learn to forgive others and let go of this unnecessary baggage.

28. Strengthen Existing Relationships

Your friends, family and loved ones are the people who have come into your life, and made the choice to stay in your life, regardless of what you may face. While we often fall into the trap of not wanting to ‘bother’ them with our struggles, they are the people who genuinely want to help and support us. Take this time to strengthen these relationships.

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