Being highly sensitive is not as common as you might think it is, because of this is it very misunderstood. What do you think a HSP is?

According to Dr. Aron, a highly sensitive person is someone who has a sensitive nervous system. They are aware of their surrounding and are able to become overwhelmed much easier than most people when in a highly stimulating environment. These people are often called ‘shy’ or ‘timid’ but are not really good defining labels for HSP. While some HSP are introverts HSP is not the same as being an introvert. The two are completely separate things.

If you think you may be a HSP but are not sure checking yourself for the things below may give you a bit of insight. Not all of these signs will apply to every single HSP because all HSP are different but the list is a good universal stance overall. Are you a HSP?

1. You need to spend lots of time alone even if you are considered an extrovert.

This is because when it comes to our senses solitude helps calm us. Drawing to a quiet place alone at the end of your day is more relaxing to you than others because this is how you relax your senses.

2. Do bright lights overwhelm you?

Bright lights sometimes are more than enough to overload our senses.

3. You seem to need more sleep than other people.

If you don’t get any sleep you literally cannot function.

4. Preventing overstimulation is hard to do.

You have to avoid being in places that are overwhelming, for instance, you grocery shop late at night when no one is in the store.

5. When you are being watched it makes you nervous.

When someone is grading you or simply watching you for no reason it makes you mess up, something you would not have done if they had not been watching.

6. You cannot concentrate when you are hungry.

Caffeine has a strong effect on you and when you are hungry you literally cannot pay attention to the task at hand.

7. You have trouble letting go.

Moving on is much harder for you. Everything and everyone in your life is permanent in your mind.

8. You have trouble transitioning.

Even when it comes to positive change you need much more time than most people would in order to get used to things.

9. You seek out meaningful relationships.

You do not like casual dating or one night stands. You become attached to the people you let inside and only get into a relationship with someone you want things to last with.

10. You want to know the meaning of life.

You have so many questions and are itching for the answers.

11. You cry easily and sometimes without warning.

You feel everything so deeply that you find yourself weeping over everything! Tears of joy, sadness, and everything else in between.

12. You notice a lot of things that other people do not.

You stop to notice all of the small things people pass by. If someone’s voice changes or they make a small appearance change you pick up on it right away.

13. You are not content with a shallow life.

Your life has to be full of purpose.

14. You have vivid dreams.

This is because your inner world is rich and powerful.

15. Busy places drain you.

The longer amount of time you have to spend in a busy place the more energy that is drained from you. It sometimes even gets so low that you crash.

16. People call you shy.

Because you are a bit reserved people assume you are shy but that is not the case! You have never felt that that word fit you.

17. You are picky about clothes, they have to feel the right way.

Comfort is everything. If it doesn’t feel good you are not interested in it no matter how pretty it is.

18. Time pressure affects you greatly.

You feel much more stress when you have a lot to do and not much time to do it.

19. Strong smells bother you.

If someone is wearing too much perfume you literally may have to leave the room.

20. You cannot stand loud noises.

Loud noises overwhelm you in all the wrong ways.

21. You startle easily.

If something happens you weren’t expecting it startles you. If you drop something it may be just as shocking as if someone sneaks up behind your back.

22. You are more sensitive to negative things than most people.

Hearing about violent things or people doing terrible acts makes your stomach churn and your heart ache.

23. You feel like you absorb things more than others.

This meaning if the mood in the room is negative you start to feel a bit odd.

24. You react more deeply to positive things.

When something good happens you are overwhelmed with happiness and joy.

25. People often tell you that you ‘take things too seriously.’

This is because you do, but you can’t help it.

For more information on highly sensitive people take a look at the video below. How many of the things above apply to you? Once you become aware of your high sensitivity you can work towards finding a good way to manage it.

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