Recycling is something we all realize we should be doing, but very few of us actually do. However, after viewing these photos, you may rethink the way you are disposing of your trash, and for very good reason.

In this day and age where we are heavily reliant on plastics and so forth recycling and reducing really need to be a number one cause everyone is behind but for some reason, most people don’t even think twice about dumping their waste into the trash can to be hauled off ‘who knows where.’ We as consumers are nowhere near as responsible as we should be. We need to be more educated on the things happening to all of these animals because we like the convenience that comes with refusing to ‘waste time’ recycling.

If you are someone that goes out of your way to do your part then this article is not for you but if you are someone that doesn’t realize the dangers you need to see the images below. This is what our world is becoming and these are the ones who are seeing the damage the most right now. If we don’t do something, things will only get worse. If it can be recycled, it should be recycled.

27 Animal Photos That Really Prove Recycling Needs to Be More Prominent:

1. Suffering Seal


2. Growing Around The Waste

3. Chinese Water Pollution


4. Oil Covered Bird

5. Seal Trapped in Plastic Waste

6. Homeless Koala (Deforestation)

7. Plastic Trapped Stork

8. Death By Plastic Ingestion


9. Oh, Look More Oil…


10. Bald Sunbear (Deforestation)


11. Garbage Nest

12. Making The Best Out Of The Situation

13. Snagged Racoon

14. Simply A Kitten Living in Trash



15. Could This Be The Future?

16. The Remains Of a Sickly Sea Turtle (Chemical Ecoside)


17. Shark With Plastic Stuck in Mouth

Credit: Aaron ODea/Marine Photobank

18. Strangled Bird (Balloon String)

Credit: Pamela Denmon USFWS


19. Suffocated Seal

Credit: Martin Harvey/Getty


20. Struggling Sea Turtle

Credit: NOAA


21. Trapped in Debris

Credit: NOAA


22. Another Dead Due To Ingesting Waste

Credit: NOAA


23. Yet Another Turtle Having To Grow Around Trash

24. Covered in Oil

Credit: Jon Hrusa


25. Frog Forced to Call This Polluted Water Home

26. Eating Plastic

Credit: One Green Planet


27. Without Help, He Would Die



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