This amazing artist is known for exploring the deep horrors of modern society as we know it. His illustrations are quite controversial and fantastic.

His name is Igor Morski and after seeing the images below I am sure it will be a memorable name. All of his work is intense and thought provoking, Igor will make you think about things you normally would shrug off or ignore. I ask you to try to look at all of the images below, no matter how hard some of them may be to see. These images are open to interpretation, but I will caption these as I see them for myself.

Body full of garbage, I feel this one is taken in the sense that all we eat and take in is garbage and not good for us.


Murderous cell phone, as you may have noticed we are all very depended on our electronic devices. It almost kills us to put them away something, could this be killing us in one way or another?


Not living up to the image portrayed of you, this little girl is looking out at all the amazing things in the world while standing in the doorway of what she is supposed to be. Something she wishes not to be but cannot change.


A young boy imprisoned in himself, unable to live up to the image society tells him he should be.


Puppets, we are all puppets and our strings are being pulled by people much smaller than us. People we assume are bigger than us.


We are the world we are destroying. We must choose whether we want to save it or continue ruining it.


The world of concrete we live in, and a neverending circle of unhappiness.


We are prisoners of our own thoughts, we are the same as a caged bird hiding deep inside ourselves waiting to be freed.


We allow technology to run our lives.


We control the world, yet we do not know what to do with it. 


This one I feel could be interpreted in several different ways; one being technology being like a cockroach and invading everything, another being that no matter how safe you think you are there are spies everywhere.


Maintaining a healthy brain is key. (Or maybe we should be taking in more water rather than soda)


We are one with nature.


A housewife has to keep up with and do a lot each and every day. They are taken for granted.


We are one with nature and life is something to dance about.


Time moves much faster than we do. We cannot outrun time nor can we slow it down, we must take each day as we can.


Always on the move, but never arriving at the destination.


Wasting her time trying to make herself into the perfect image she sees in magazines and on television. 


We are destroying the world.


A broken home.


That wasn’t too bad was it? I have to say number 18 was my favorite. Igor’s work is truly inspiring!

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