20 Non-Physical Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

Violence is probably one of the worst attributes humans can have. It’s a cruel and evil reaction that does nothing but cause harm. Even worse, domestic violence is extremely common today and it can be hard to notice.

I hate that the human brain can even process emotions into a violent reaction, but it does. If it didn’t, we’d probably be much better off in the world today. Violence does nothing but cause trauma, hurt, conflict, and death. While street violence might not be one of the worst things we have to address today, domestic violence certainly is. It seems as time continues domestic violence becomes more of an issue. People are faced with domestic violence more than they ever have been today and it’s extremely saddening. Domestic violence might be perceived as less intense than straight up violence firsthand, but it’s actually much worse.

Domestic violence is worse than outright physical violence because it deteriorates someone’s conscious mind over extensive periods of time. Children are placed in violent situations and households and have absolutely no power to get themselves out of it. It destroys your perception and reality on life and is detrimental to your overall joy in life. It essentially sucks the soul out of you and forces you to become repeatedly victimized and knocked down by everything that occurs in life.

Domestic violence is so tedious and hard to identify because victims are automatically trained to not ask for help. Many people do not take it seriously when someone calls out for help in domestic violence, or they make it worse in a variety of ways. Victims are terrified of another person’s response to their call for help and it can easily discourage them of ever doing so again.

Domestic violence comes in many shapes and forms which ideally can make it hard to identify. Some victims might even talk themselves out of calling out for help because they minimize their own issues. Just because someone doesn’t have black and blue bruises up and down them does not mean they aren’t being abused at home. You have to very attentive when deciphering whether someone is being abused at home, and you have to be careful not to spook them either. This can frighten them and they could even begin hiding it from you. However, we should always keep an eye out for those in need of help.

Domestic violence comes in many shapes and forms but the effects are all the same; horrific. No person should ever fall victim to domestic violence but there is no stopping it. The best thing we can do is stay informed of the warning signs and seek help when we are sure someone is being abused. Stay mindful of the people around you and watch out for these 20 signs.

  1. Absences from school or work.
  2. Low self-esteem
  3. Personality changes
  4. Fear of conflict and loud noises. Avoidance of any type of relationship conflicts because of a sense of powerlessness.
  5. Passive aggressive behavior
  6. Self Blame
  7. Isolating themselves from other people, public, or any close relationships.
  8. Stress-related issues
  9. Consistent stress and sadness, eventually developing depression.
  10. They can’t make a decision without consulting their partner.
  11. They never leave the house to go anywhere.
  12. Creates excuses for the abusive partner.
  13. Avoiding eye contact or personal conversations about emotions and feelings.
  14. Seems to be blinded by others cruel actions.
  15. Nervous or anxious all the time.
  16. Reports everything to their partner.
  17. Denies something being wrong when it is extremely obvious that something is.
  18. Minimizing their issues.
  19. Shrinking around partner.
  20. Goes way overboard when trying to get the abuser to look good.


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