The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, a phrase that artists and illustrators have proven to be true time and time again over the years. Each generation there are a number of artists who are able to take their current society, including its highs and lows and create iconic images that will share these truths with those that follow.

Today’s society is no exception. It should come as no surprise that we have our share of problems, as has every generation that came before us. While the development of modern technology has opened the door to incredible advancements in areas such as science, education, and medicine, it has also been the cause of a number of struggles and difficulties.

We find ourselves face to face with problems that never existed for the generations that came before us, such as the growing problem of smartphone addiction. For a generation with more opportunities to reach out and connect with others than never before, we have certainly allowed technology to create significant barriers leaving us feeling more alone than ever before. Social media has become a necessity in the world today, used not only to connect friends but by businesses for the purposes of marketing and even by employers during the hiring process.

Today’s artists have captured these struggles through a number of different mediums and art forms, depicting our daily struggles and challenges in a raw and thought-provoking way. Their images, shared throughout the globe with the help of the internet, spark much-needed conversation and debate, highlighting many of the greatest problems among society today.

Here is a collection of 24 humorous but frighteningly true images portraying today’s society:


























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