Did you know that your body could become too acidic? Well, it can and that is a very serious problem.

When it comes to our health, we need a balanced environment, not one that is too acidic and not one that is too alkaline. If your body becomes too acidic you will become deficient in some needed nutrients. This will strain your body big time.

You see, our current diets seem to almost force us to become too acidic and that is not a good thing. When we become too acidic within it becomes a condition known as acidosis. Acidosis, to begin with, might not seem like a problem but the worse it gets the worse you will feel. Below you will find a list of sighs that will help you figure out if you might be experiencing acidosis.

19 Signs Your Body is Too Acidic:

1. Your gums and teeth tend to be sensitive.

2. You suffer from unexplainable chronic pain.

3. You find yourself quite moody for no reason.

4. You feel fatigued even when you’ve got the right amount of sleep.

5. You have skin issues such as acne.

6. You feel depressed quite frequently.

7. You have a hard time enjoying things you used to.

8. You struggle to focus and deal with a lot of brain fog.

9. You experience headaches out of nowhere.

10. You develop a lack of appetite.

11. Your skin tends to stay quite dry.

12. Your neck often feels stiff.

13. You experience diarrhea or constipation often.

14. You often become short of breath.

15. You come down with infections easily.

16. You have an increased heart rate/irregular heart rhythm.

17. You experience unexplained cramping.

18. You experience abdominal discomfort.

19. You how low blood pressure.

When you find yourself experiencing these things on a small scale you should do something about it. That being said, if you are experiencing these things on a large scale you need to see someone and get them sorted out as quickly as possible. The most effective treatment for acidosis is to stop eating acid-forming foods.

Doctors can diagnose acidosis with a series of blood tests. Without treatment in general if your acidosis goes ignored it may lead to health complications like kidney stones, chronic kidney issues, bone disease, and delayed growth.

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