Arguably one of the best known and accepted languages, the English language never fails to amaze us with its sheer size and complexity. In fact, it is listed as one of the official languages in 81 different countries and territories, uniting us despite country boundaries and different continents.

With 615,000 entries in the Oxford English dictionary, it is no surprise that even those who natively speak English will come across words that they have never before heard.

On one hand, these words may simply make you laugh with no actual purpose in your day to day conversations. However, on the other hand, these words may fill a gap that you have been struggling with, finally providing a word for something you have experienced time and time again, lacking the ability to describe.


Here are 18 interesting and useful words you never knew existed:

#1 – Metnoia

(Noun): A transformative change of heart; especially: a spiritual conversion

“I see no way out of all this except as one of us after another reaches the metanoia.”

#2 – Throttlebottom

(Noun): An innocuously inept and futile person in public office

“’That Barack Obama is a downright throttlebottom!’ said the Tea Party supporter who feigned political opinions, so he could wear colonial garb.”

#3 – Egrote

(Verb): To feign sickness in order to avoid work

“Determined to enjoy the comfort of her new mattress, she decided today was the perfect day to egrote.”

#4 – Expergefactor

(Noun): anything object that is responsible for waking you up

“She just wanted to get a good sleep, but the expergefactors had another plan for her night.”

#5 – Scuddle

(Verb): To run hastily; to hurry

“Desperate to look important and with nothing to do, she scuddled around the office like a pinball.”

#6 – Feague

(Verb): To put a live eel up a horse’s bottom; used figuratively to describe encouraging someone or getting their spirits up

“If you are looking to help your sister achieve the promotion she has been working towards, take the time to feague her just before the interview.”

#7 – Uhtceare

(Noun): lying awake before dawn and worrying

“Knowing that he had to make his presentation to the full board of directors, Steve lay awake, plagued by uhtceare.”

#8 – Balter

(Verb): To dance or tread clumsily

“Never underestimate the fun that can be had by turning the music upload and baltering.”

#9 – Staddle

(Noun): the depression that is formed in your bed where you normally lie

“She snuggled into her bed, instantly feeling comfortable in the staddle from the night before.”

#10 – Serendipity

(Noun): The faculty of phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

“His life seems to have been filled with serendipity and exceptional coincidence.”

#11 – Jehu

(Noun): A fast driver, especially one who is reckless (from the phrase to drive like Jehu)

“So, I’ve got an idea for a movie. We get a bunch of jehus and film the race.”

#12 – Zarf

(Noun): a holder, usually of ornamental metal, for a coffee cup without a handle

“Forgetting a zarf leads to a game of hot potato while walking back to the car.”

#13 – Redamancy

(Noun): A love returned in full; an act of loving the one who loves you

“She was looking for redamancy, a true romantic at heart.”

#14 – Chork

(Verb): To make the noise which the feet do when the shoes are full of water

“After running through the puddles out in the playground, he was soon chorking his way through the school hallways.”

#15 – Pedeconference

(Noun): to hold a meeting while walking

“Roughly 40% of the West Wing is footage of people pedeconferencing.”

#16 – Snollygoster

(Noun): An unprincipled by shrewd person

“Even though he professed to not be a crook, our president was still a bit of a snollygoster, wasn’t he?”

#17 – Duffifie

(Verb): To lay a bottle on its side – after drinking its contents – to collect the few remaining drops, which can then be poured (or dribbled) into a glass

“As soon as he finished his favorite wine he was sure to duffifie, determined not miss a single drop.”

#18 – Rawgabbit

(Noun): Somebody who speaks in strictest confidence about a subject of which they know nothing

“The rawgabbit pulled me aside to carefully whisper that the head of finance is pregnant, claiming it is the reason she has been off sick so often lately, however, I know that she’s actually caring for her sick mother.”

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