Pathological liars, for those who might not know, are people who lie out of habit. They lie and lie all for nothing, they just want attention and make even the most simple things into crazy events.

Pathological liars don’t really have much motive for the things they do, they lie because they feel like it. They are usually really good at lying and they tend to keep up with their stories well. That being said, eventually, the cracks begin to show and they will end up leaving you very confused.

These kinds of people aren’t ever going to give you the truth you deserve regardless of how hard you try to get them to. They lie sometimes to manipulate or control us and it can really cause some problems. You need to be able to really break down what they are doing if you want to be able to clear things up within your own mind.

17 Ways A Pathological Liar Will Try to Confuse You:

1. They hide things from you.

They do all they can to make sure they don’t get caught in their lies. They cover their tracks and really hide all they can from you. They always hide things because they know they can.

2. They make you question yourself.

Pathological liars make you question yourself. They make you wonder who is in the wrong because of how good they are at covering their own tracks. When it comes to things like this they are basically the ultimate gaslighters.

3. They don’t have limits.

They will literally lie about any and everything. They don’t care what might be crossing the lie to you, they will cross any and every lines. Even the most serious topics can end up being lied about.

4. They always have an excuse ready.

They always have excuse after excuse thought up for what they’re going to do or say to cover their own tracks. You can question the hell out of them but usually, you won’t find much room to spill the tea. They are always planning out how to get away with different things.

5. They make you think you are the one who’s mistaken.

They will go out of their way to make you think you are the one who is mistaken. They play with your mind and want to turn things around on you. This is just another means for them to cover their own tracks.

6. They are really good at covering their tracks.

They as I have said always do things to ensure they are properly covering their tracks. They spend a lot of time thinking about how to get away with the lies and so forth. As sad as that might sound it is quite real.

7. They never take responsibility.

They will never be willing to admit when they are wrong or things of the sort. Taking responsibility is not something they are any kind of familiar with. They will pass blame on anyone they can, literally.

8. They might blame you for things you didn’t do.

They will blame you for things you had literally nothing to do with. No matter what they have done, it is never their fault. They can do no wrong within reason.

9. They are good at making you feel bad.

They are really good at making you feel bad. They will go out of their way to really put you in a bad headspace. When you are down and out if it will benefit them in some manner they will kick you while you’re down.

10. They don’t really feel bad for their actions.

They never really feel any kind of remorse for the things they are doing or have done. They do or say whatever they want. They don’t really even feel accountable for their actions regardless of what they have done.

11. They refuse to own up to their mistakes.

They don’t own up to their mistakes, ever. They don’t act like their mistakes are their own, it’s as if someone else made them. You just can’t win when it comes to dealing with someone like this.

12. They make you feel insecure on purpose.

These people do not care if they’re upsetting you. They will go out of their way to make you feel insecure. While some might not be as belittling as some of them, it happens.

13. They lie to be more in control.

They lie to be more in control of you and what you have going on. Lying helps give them the upper hand and they think that they don’t owe you the truth anyway. You don’t own them and they don’t think they owe you the truth, ever.

14. They aren’t afraid of the consequences.

They aren’t afraid of the consequences that they might have to face because of the lies they spread. They just want attention and will do whatever they can to get it. Even if they’re caught, they aren’t going to feel bad about the things they’ve done.

15. They love attention even if its bad attention.

They love attention and will go out of their way to seek it. They don’t care if the attention they get is bad or good attention. Attention seeking and lying go hand in hand most of the time.

16. They always have to get the last word in.

They literally feel like they always have to get the last word. No matter what the situation is they need that last word. You just can’t get one over on them in this manner.

17. They are very defensive.

They are much more defensive than most other people. That being said, this makes sense considering how much they lie. While it might not seem like much as soon as the seams begin ripping you will begin to understand.

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