There are a lot of things that people consider to be taboo in relationships. Plenty of things that could benefit a relationship are often not even considered because they go against the ‘social norm,’ why is this?

Why is it that when we are dating someone or married to someone the rest of the world feels the need to voice their opinions on our relationships? Do they really think that their words hold that much power? Why do we let other people set the basis for ‘normal’ in our own homes?

We avoid so many things that we shouldn’t and when times get hard instead of making it work we give up because we didn’t realize that perhaps some of the things we are told we shouldn’t do could make a difference. What works for one home or relationship might not work for all homes and relationships. Your life should not be dictated by the lives of others.

If you want to try something new or do something other people don’t normally do, go for it. Below I am going to go over some of the most common things that you can do in your relationship that you probably wouldn’t consider doing. These things are thought to be weird and most others find them to be very unusual for one reason or another. To be completely honest, I do some of these and they have helped me strengthen the bond I have with my partner.

17 Things People Consider to Be ‘Taboo’ That Could Benefit Your Struggling Relationship:

1. Spending time apart.

There is nothing wrong with spending time apart from one another. You can spend time alone or with other people, we don’t all have to be together 24/7. Spending time apart can be really good for a relationship if done correctly.

2. Going to the movies alone or with friends.

It’s okay to go out and see a movie with your friends or by yourself. You don’t have to feel as if it’s going to be a big issue. Movies are just movies, they’re not that romantic stop making something out of nothing.

3. Being open about finances.

There is nothing wrong with being open and honest about the finances. You don’t have to be so closed off from one another. Talk about money, get a budget going and make things work.

4. Eating separately or making your own meals.

Eating alone is not the end of the world. You can eat some of your meals together or if your schedules conflict not getting to eat together every day isn’t going to end the world. You don’t have to make meals for each other all the time. Sometimes making your own meal works easiest depending on the situation.

5. Being open about the things that happen in the bedroom.

You can be open about the bedroom and what happens within it. If you want to try something new talk to your friends and figure out what you need to do. Asking others for advice is not the end of the world. Sometimes it is necessary, and don’t be afraid to talk things over with your significant other.

6. Jumping into the relationship.

A lot of people think taking it slow is the best option but for some, it isn’t. Sometimes both parties know they want to be in a relationship so they just do it. There is nothing wrong with being sure about where you want to be.

7. Talking about your exes.

A lot of people assume that it is never okay to talk about your exes but there is nothing wrong with it. You have tons of memories with them, you shouldn’t be on edge worrying about not saying the wrong thing. You and your partner will benefit from being open and honest in regards to your pasts.

8. Sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms.

Sleeping in separate beds is not as crazy as it sounds and having your own rooms is perfectly fine. You can love one another and live together without having the same bedroom. Don’t worry about what other people will say.

9. Not texting one another all the time.

It is okay to not be in contact 24/7. You can go all day without texting or calling one another. There is nothing wrong with that.

10. Being emotional with one another from the beginning.

There is nothing wrong with letting your emotions flood in from the beginning. Sometimes there is a connection already. There is nothing wrong with as I mentioned above, jumping into things.

11. Spending night outs without one another.

Both of you going out without one another is fine. You can go have a girls night while he has a boys night. There is nothing wrong with living your life.

12. Not having much in common.

Sometimes we fall for people we don’t have much in common with. While it can be complicated for some it works well for others. We are all attracted to different kinds of people.

13. Taking vacations without one another.

To be completely honest a vacation alone sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You can leave him home with the kids (or the pets) and go do something for a week and then he can do the same next time. Once again, you don’t have to be together 24/7.

14. Having secrets sometimes (not the big ones).

Sometimes having small secrets is not a big thing. You might not even realize you are keeping something from your partner. Honestly, I feel like we all already do this on some level whether we are willing to admit it.

15. Not spending all their time at home together.

Sometimes when we are home we want to do our own things and there is nothing wrong with that. You can be home together in different rooms or you could be in the same room not acknowledging one another. As I have said several times throughout this article, you don’t have to be obsessed with one another and you don’t have to spend all of your time together.

16. Spending time alone at home while the other is out doing something.

Sitting at home while your partner goes out is fine as long as it isn’t happening every single night. You can spend time alone and relax and he or she can have some fun. Just because someone is out doing something without you doesn’t mean he or she is cheating.

17. Being in a long distance relationship.

Sometimes we end up in long distance relationships and there is nothing wrong with that. Being in a long distance relationship should not be such a damning thing for everyone. Just because you cannot be together physically doesn’t mean you are going to turn to the arms of someone else.


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