China is one of the world’s largest powers, that much I am sure that you know. While we know that here in the US we have some pretty advanced weapons, but have you ever looked into the Chinese superweapons?

Now, in the past, the Chinese got their weapons and so forth from the Soviet Union, but as it fell, they were forced to look elsewhere. They worked to modernize their military as quickly as they could and in order to do that they had to begin their own military programs. However, not everything they ended up with was their own they also took some time to hack into the mainframes of militaries around the world and stole information from them.

They did this so that they could build their own versions of some of the world’s most powerful weapons. This is something still happening even now as back in June of this year Chinese hackers stole secret plans for a new US Navy weapon. I know, shocking isn’t it?

Below I am going to go over some of the more interesting weapons that China has at the moment and break down what they do a bit. Some require human interaction in order to function whereas others do not. They are all quite terrifying when you really delve into them. Please keep in mind that while this list is long, it doesn’t even begin to list them all. Have you ever heard of any of these superweapons?

(Please keep in mind they are in no specific order.)

17 Chinese Superweapons That Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of:

1. Drone Disabling Gun

With drones as prominent as they are in this day and age this is a very interesting machine. It shoots them down by sending radio waves in their direction. This basically shuts them down and leaves them hurtling to the ground. The police in Wuhan currently use them to turn off drones from up to a kilometer away.

(Image Credit: Weibo)


2. Type 87 Grenade Launcher

This basic belt-fed submachine gun doesn’t shoot bullets, it shoots grenades. Could you imagine the damage that would be done with something like this? I believe this one even just by name speaks for itself.

3. Type 22 Missile Boat

This quick and small double-hulled boat is quite concerning. A swarm of these boats would cause a lot of damage to any kind of US carrier strike force. They are also highly accurate when it comes to firing.

4. Type 99 Tank

This is a tank that can travel at about 50 miles per hour. No, I am not joking. It can hold about 42 take rounds and has an automatic loader. As if tanks weren’t already intense enough, this is a bit overboard.

5. Type 81 MRLS

This one is a multiple rocket launching system to the extreme. It can shoot about 40 122mm missiles at any target from about 30 miles away. This could literally demolish small cities with ease. It also sounds like something that would cause a lot of casualties depending on how far away it is.

6. Type 094 Submarine

This submarine was not seen until 2006 and we don’t really know much about it. It is part of China’s nuclear triad and could mean terrible things for us all should war ensue at any point. We hope to learn more about it in the future.

7. Harbin Z-19

This is a copy of a Eurocopter and is basically a combat helicopter. It has a high rate of climb and can hold a wide range of weapons. These little guys are quite deadly!

(Image Credit: Airforce Technology)


8. Xain H-20

This bomber is still in the works, but testing on it should come soon. It is basically a copy of the American B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. This kind of thing allows China to reach further. The Chinese have been teasing with this one since May.

9. Type 052D Destroyer

This is one that can be found patrolling the waters surrounding China. It comes equipped with lots of weapons and can basically sink just about anything it wants. China has several of these currently in use.

(Image Credit: Naval Technology)


10. The DF-21D

Also known as the ‘carrier-killer’ this anti-ship ballistic missile is intended to engage aircraft carriers and their battle groups. It packs a punch and has a range of over two thousand kilometers. That being said, it is said to have a conventional warhead but could carry a nuclear one or multiple nuclear ones.

11. SW-6 UAV

This little guy might look like a drone, but he is a lot more than just that. This drone is shot out of a moving aircraft and used as a missile that flies around until set on a specific target. This one can deliver a 10-pound warhead.

(Image Credit: Popsci)


12. Jialong

This deep sea submersible can go basically to some of the deepest parts of the ocean and in that do lots of sabotaging if necessary. While it is primarily used for research, it could be used for a lot more; it is highly capable.

13. Type 054A Frigate

This huge ship has better weapons and sensors than its previous versions. China has over 20 of these on hand and in service. They are already being used to patrolling with these as well. They carry anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles.

14. Norinco Battle Robot

This little robot is able to track on some of the worst terrains and can be fitted with a machine gun or grenade launcher. It is controlled remotely and can get in places others wouldn’t be able to.

(Credit: Janes)


15. CH-500

This drone has two laser guided air to ground missiles attached to it and is essentially a cheap weapon that can be used quickly. It can be used to take out enemies behind front lines and shoot through windows if need be. They are quite peculiar looking but still very deadly.

(Image Credit: Popsci)


16. Pterodactyl UAV (CH-5)

This plane can fly for about two days without needing to refuel and has a range of over 15,000 miles. It can carry a small range of bombs and with that would do a lot of damage. It is a copy of the US Air Force Reaper drone. It may not look like much, but don’t be fooled, it is deadly!

17. ZBD05

This assault ship is probably one of the newest weapons to come about. It carried eight soldiers and can hit speeds of about 30 miles per hour. To make things worse it comes with a 30mm cannon, oh and it’s amphibious.

As I said above, these are few of many what one could consider to be “superweapons” that China has. The powers across this globe are all overflowing with weapons like these and keeping up with one another only makes it worse.

For more information on these and more Chinese superweapons please check out the video below.

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