16 Types of Trauma People Don’t Talk About

By August 6, 2018 Psychology, Trauma

There are tons and tons of different kinds of trauma that you most likely haven’t ever heard of. Whether they are physical or emotional they are trauma nonetheless.

Not everyone who goes through some kind of trauma experiences PTSD or things of the sort so you can’t just boil it down to the more simple things. Below I am going to go over some of the least talked about kinds of trauma. How many of these have you experienced or heard of? Some of them are much more common than you’d think.

16 Types of Trauma You Don’t Hear Much About:

1. Bullying Trauma

Being bullied is not fun and it can have lasting effects on into adulthood. While most people don’t realize the trauma it comes with it is quite prevalent. Regardless of who is bullying you or why they are doing it, you will not be able to get over it as easily as you think.

2. Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse takes a serious toll on a lot of people. Words make more of a difference than most people realize. Verbal abuse often goes undiscussed and is more common than most other forms of abuse. It can drastically affect you emotionally and bring you down big time.

3. Childbirth Trauma

This is one of the forms of trauma most people never even realize exists. This encompasses the PTSD that can occur after giving birth. While it usually goes away, most people don’t realize its a real issue at all.

4. Post-Suicide Attempt Trauma

When someone tries to end their lives they are in a really bad place. They come back from it in many different ways. Post-suicide trauma can affect the person who made the attempt as well as the people who are around that person.

5. Emotional Neglect

We all need our emotional needs met. If you or someone you know isn’t having their emotional needs met they will go through trauma. While they might have their physical needs met and not be starving, their emotions might be falling behind.

6. Early Childhood Trauma

This is the trauma that happens when we are growing up. It can be emotional, physical, or even sexual. Early childhood trauma comes in many different forms and is never easy. It has effects on someone well into adulthood and is usually not easy to deal with.

7. Medical Trauma

This is the trauma that refers to a set of psychological responses of children to their families pain, illness, injury or otherwise. This is the way they feel about the things that happen to the people around them or themselves medically. While you might not realize your illness is affecting the children around you, it could be.

8. Military Trauma

This is the trauma that comes with having been in the military or otherwise. It doesn’t always happen but usually does. It tends to come with lots of PTSD and is hard to face. It can be stressful for the person dealing with it and the family of that person.

9. Traumatic Greif

When someone passes on it can be quite traumatic. When greif sets in it can sometimes be hard to overcome. It is much more complicated than you realize.

10. System-Induced Trauma

Sometimes being in the system is a lot less beneficial than you realize. System-induced trauma is not as common as you might think but it does happen. Just because the system is designed to help doesn’t mean it is going to.

11. Forced Displacement

When a person is forced to leave their home they don’t usually adjust as easily as you might think they will. This is never easy on anyone. It is something that the person has to work through on their own. They have to go from having everything to nothing and build their way back up.

12. Historical Trauma

This one is a bit confusing. It is the trauma a whole generation or location feels. It is a kind of trauma that shakes the whole area to its core. You could in some ways consider the terror that was the events of 9/11 to be historical trauma.

13. Witness/Secondary Trauma

This is the trauma that comes when someone witnesses something happening to someone else. For instance, if someone sees someone being abused it has a lasting effect on them. It makes them feel small and really breaks them down whether you think it will or not.

14. Oppressive Trauma

Being oppressed is something that takes a toll on us all. The longer this goes on the more of an effect it will have. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

15. Trauma From Homelessness

Being homeless isn’t a fun experience. It isn’t something people want to do for the most part. It is hard and there is a lot to deal with. Trauma from homelessness is much more common than you think. People who have to go through this are dealing with a lot.

16. Misdiagnosis Trauma

Going through years of misdiagnosis to find out later that you are experiencing something completely different is shocking and life-changing. It’s like your whole being is being torn from you and all that time won’t ever be something you can get back. Could you imagine what that would be like?

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