In each group of friends there tends to be a wide array of personality types, beliefs, lifestyles and views of the world around us. The great thing about friendship is that it allows us to connect even if we don’t agree on every point, opening our eyes to other cultures, religions and life experiences. You may have one friend that you view as the ‘hippie,’ dedicating their life to bringing happiness and peace to the world while another friend is eagerly climbing the corporate ladder.

If you step back and view your social circle with an open mind, you can likely develop a clear picture of where you fit in. For some this may mean that you acknowledge your place as the jock, obsessing over your favorite athletes and spending your free time playing group sports, while for others you may notice that you are the leader, guiding others on what steps to take next and how to succeed.

If, however, you find that you are often questioning the ‘facts’ your friends are sharing, trying to open their eyes to the ‘real truth,’ this may highlight a different role among your friends. Intellectual, open-minded and highly analytical – if you spend your time uncovering propaganda and watching videos about what really happened on 9/11, or how they may have staged the ‘first steps on the moon,’ you may be the conspiracy theorist among your friends. This doesn’t mean you’re crazy or eccentric, in fact, many of your ideas and beliefs are rooted in fact and logic. You struggle, however, to trust those in power or to accept any ‘truth’ without first analyzing the facts yourself.


Are you the conspiracy theorist in your social circle? Watch for these 16 signs:

#1 – If you read a news story, conspiracy or speculation online, you can’t just read it and move on or shrug it off. Instead, you devote hours of your time doing deep research determined to unearth the real truth.

#2 – You scoff at the notion that phrases like ‘scientifically proven’ or ‘studies show’ are mere lip service, often associated with misinformation and propaganda set out in the world to manipulate and control the masses. Refusing to believe anything blindly, you set out to do your own research before coming to any sort of conclusion on information that you come across.

#3 – You have put the time into developing a solid plan in the event that you mysteriously disappear some day, down to the details of who will get possession of your belongings and who will care for any pets that you have at home. This is met by skepticism and annoyance by many of the people in your life, but you merely bring up stories of the many mysterious disappearances that have actually occurred.

#4 – You will never understand how some people can be so open and trusting of their neighbors. The idea of trusting a neighbor to collect your packages or watch over your house when you aren’t home is frightening, in fact, you don’t even want to encounter then when you are home as you are pretty sure they are actually murderers just waiting to attack.

#5 – While some theories may appear to be highly cut and dry, easy to understand when you explain it, not all are that simple. This isn’t going to stop you from trying to open the eyes of your loved ones to what you know is the real truth. You will go spend hours walking through every detail over and over again until they start to grasp the concept, even drawing elaborate diagrams to help illustrate your point.

#6 – The concept of alternative healing sources is often tossed aside or treated like nothing but the musings of a child’s overactive imagination, but you believe that there may be some truth. Not only are you interested in the concept of healing crystals, you own a few yourself, strongly believing in their ability to ward off negative energies, attract positivity, cleanse your space and keep you safe.

#7 – Others may laugh at the flat Earth theory, believing it to ridiculous or too ‘out there,’ but you find yourself oddly drawn to it. You seriously consider the information that they are presenting and can’t help but think that they may be on to something.

#8 – You struggle to trust medical professionals and our healthcare system as a whole as you are aware that sickness and disease can be powerful tools to control or wipe out a group of people. You refuse to rely on modern medicine or vaccinations for your personal health as you don’t trust that they are actually designed to keep you healthy.


#9 – Determined to avoid being tracked, monitored or spied on, you will go to great lengths to keep your laptop ‘safe.’ This may include creating an elaborate system of folders to hide your information, placing tape over your webcams, using the incognito mode on your browser, and avoiding using any Wi-Fi networks besides the secure one that you know you have at home.

#10 – Your fascination with conspiracy theories likely started by spending long periods of time research, analyzing and discovering existing theories that are other there. In time, however, you end up taking it to the next level. Not fully convinced that the theories you are reading fully explain what really happened, you being to develop your own theories based on the facts available.

#11 – Once you have developed a workable theory you can’t help but become incredibly excited that you have figured out something that no one else appears to have ever solved. Eager to share this information with a like-minded group, you take it to the online forums.

#12 – You are truly fascinated in the conspiracy theories that are out there today, going to great lengths to learn everything that there is to learn about every last detail. This has likely even included traveling to visit the site of one of your favorite conspiracies in the recent past.

#13 – Upon the discovery of an abandoned building you can’t help but be overwhelmed by your theories and ideas as to what may have happened. Invested in your theories, you just HAVE TO explore the building in search of evidence that proves what you know to be true.

#14 – You have always been skeptical in regard to the world of technology, but today anything that is labeled ‘smart’ immediately sends you running in the opposite direction. From smartphones and smart TVs to smart home technology, you know that its all really just a ploy to obtain access to your personal information and spy on your daily activities.

#15 – While everyone else seems to be busy arguing whether the Illuminati really exists, and who may or may not be involved with this secret group, the questions racing through your mind are a little different. You are left wondering what they are planning next, and whether you should be concerned for the near future.

#16 – The rest of the world may be relieved that life as we know it didn’t come to an end in 2012, but you can’t help but feel a little disappointed. After all, the fact we are still alive and well means that a theory you likely trusted and believed to some extent wasn’t as accurate as you would have liked to think…


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