Sometimes we question whether or not we made the right decision in our partners or even who we have chosen to marry, and this is perfectly normal. All relationships have ups and downs.

In the end, if your husband does most of or all of the things below, you truly did hit the jackpot. You want someone that really appreciates you in the ways you appreciate him. We are far more lucky than we realize sometimes.

15 Things The Best Husbands Do:

1. He is good at calming you down.

He always calms you down when you are flustered. You don’t know how you would do it without him. He really knows you well and makes you feel so much better.

2. He works hard.

Whether or not he is the only one working in the household, he does work hard regardless of what he is doing. He puts his all into making sure everything that needs to be done is done. You will never be without.

3. He makes you feel safe.

He makes you feel like nothing can hurt you. You feel safe and comfortable with him. This is an amazing feeling that most of us don’t realize we have.

4. He makes sure you know he loves you.

He does his best to ensure you are more than aware of his love and appreciation for you. You get the best of everything he can offer and he adores you, seriously he adores you. While you may sometimes fight he is always by your side.

5. He makes time for you.

He goes out of his way to plan things to do with you. Sure, you might not get to go do things often but you still do sometimes. Date night be it every week or once a month is always fun.

6. He inspires you.

He really inspires you. He makes you want to do and be the best possible version of yourself. You don’t find many people like this.

7. He respects you.

He respects you and your boundaries. He doesn’t push you into things you cannot handle and is with you every step of the way. Respect is something a relationship will not thrive without.

8. He comforts you.

He always comforts you when you are upset. He is your shoulder to cry on. When you need him you never have to feel like you cannot go to him because you always can.

9. He is always being helpful.

He is helpful towards you and the people close to him. He doesn’t mind putting forth his best efforts. Even after working a long day if he is needed he will be there.

10. He still flirts with you.

He still compliments you and flirts with you no matter how long you have been together. He makes you feel as if you are still in the honeymoon phase and this feels great. You love being with him.

11. He is good at communicating with you.

He always talks things out with you. If something is bothering him he doesn’t hide it he talks to you about it in private and you do the same with him. There is no drama in your relationship.

12. He makes sure that his and your needs are met.

He makes sure that everyone has what they need not just one or the other. Compromise is a huge part of your relationship but not when it comes to the things you need. You get exactly what you need and so does he.

13. He doesn’t lie to you.

He will not lie to you, not even a little one. Everything he says is honest. He knows how important that is.

14. He is always willing to admit when he is wrong.

He is more than willing to own up to his mistakes. He rights all of his wrongs and goes the extra mile for you. You can count on him and know he will never pass the blame for something he has done.

15. He puts the same amount of effort you do into your relationship.

He really puts forth a great amount of effort. You both work together to ensure things continue to run smoothly. This makes for the perfect marriage.


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