Sometimes when we are alone we don’t feel alone, why is this? Sure, we might just be paranoid but that isn’t the only possible explanation.

Perhaps what you are feeling is the presence of something paranormal, do you believe in ghosts? Sure, you might be open to the idea of ghosts but actually experiencing something with one is a very different ballpark. It seems sometimes things that happen just cannot be explained and I believe that these specific things are without a doubt of the otherworldly stature.

Tons of people across the globe have admitted to having experiences with ghosts and other things of the sort. Could so many people be wrong? Is there an explanation for everything?

Those shadows you notice out of the corner of your eye and those chills you get out of nowhere could be a lot more than you realize. Just because you aren’t experiencing something like you would see in a movie doesn’t mean you aren’t in the presence of something supernatural. Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you are dealing with a ghost. Remember that there are both good and bad otherworldly beings, the one you might be facing could be a very positive being.

15 Signs a Ghost Is ‘Following’ You:

1. You’ve literally seen the ghost or ghosts.

Seeing is believing, right? If you are literally seeing the apparition there should be no doubt in your mind. You know this person you are seeing is not ‘real’ but to you, she or he is very much present. No one can see it but you.

2. You hear strange unexplainable noises frequently when you are alone.

You might hear footsteps or even someone rummaging around in the cupboards. These strange unexplainable noises come in a wide variety and when you know they couldn’t be coming from anything but another person can be quite alarming. This could easily be a ghost trying to get your attention.

3. You have noticed strange electrical issues.

Light bulbs are constantly blowing and things suddenly go dim out of nowhere. Sure, you might think this is some kind of wiring problem but it might be something more than that. This could be a spirit trying to gain your attention.

4. You keep noticing peculiar shadows.

You glance in one direction but out of one eye, you can see the outline of a person clear as day. When you go to look directly at it, it vanishes. This happens far too often for it to just be some kind of random shadow.

5. Things are going missing.

If things are going missing and you know for a fact no one in your household is stealing from you a ghost could be to blame. He or she could be moving things for you to find later or simply trying to play a game. The being might want you to ask for those things back and in doing so acknowledging its existence.

6. Your pets seem to be going after things that aren’t there.

If your pets are showing signs of noticing something that you cannot there is something with you. Our pets are not going to merely react to something that isn’t there. They can sense things that we cannot. Pay close attention to them and look for changes in behavior.

7. You keep feeling as if someone is touching you.

You get the strange feeling from time to time that someone is tapping you on your shoulder or jerking your leg in your sleep. These things feel so real that they might even wake you but you never find anyone around. Something is touching you whether you want to believe it or not.

8. You have noticed specific cold spots in your home.

If you notice colds spots in your home that were not as they are now before that should tell you something. This is you sensing their energy. The colder you are the more intense their energy is.

9. None of your batteries ever seem to last.

Something is draining the batteries and it’s not you. You just bought them and put them in your clock they were working fine but your alarm didn’t go off and you woke up to find them dead and the clock not working. This will happen time and time again.

10. You seriously don’t feel alone even when you are.

You feel like someone is there with you basically like you are being watched. As mentioned above we don’t just feel this way for no reason. Whether we are aware of the reason or not there is always a reason.

11. Your phone rings but no one is there.

At the strangest hours, your phone will ring but there will be no one on the other end. It might ring once and then stop before you get to it only to notice there are no missed calls at all. You could not possibly just be imagining this so many times.

12. Sometimes you feel a strange breeze out of nowhere.

You feel a sudden breeze occasionally and it is as if something is sweeping over you. This is one of the ways a ghost will make its presence known. It is letting you know that it has entered the room.

13. You hear voices when no one is around.

You literally hear people speaking to you when you are completely alone. This could be someone you know or a voice you have never heard before. Pay attention to what is being said.

14. When you take a photo you notice orbs even though there was no reason for an orb to have appeared.

Orbs are one of the best ways for us to see spirits. When we notice an orb in a perfect photo we are seeing the presence of something we normally would not be able to see. The orbs are manifestations of the paranormal beings around us.

15. You randomly find something that belonged to a loved one who has passed.

If the ghost you are facing is someone from your past that has died you might find something of theirs beside you when you wake up or in your bag for you to find. They put these things around you so that you will know it is them. They want you to know that they are with you.



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