Have you ever heard the term old soul? Well, if you’ve ever been told you had an old soul, it is likely that you are a very wise and mature person. It’s even possible that you actually possess an age-old soul.

The human soul is amazing in all of its extravagances and it is capable of unlimited things.  Each of us is inherently different from one another, no two copies the same. Every single person here on Earth has their own combination of characteristics, emotions, personality, and traits! More importantly, each of us has very energetic and powerful souls. Some of us even have an old soul that has traveled through many different dimensional universes and lifetimes. You could even be one of them. You just have to listen to your gut, your intuition.

In today’s society, we are taught to ignore and diminish any thoughts or beliefs that relate to the metaphysical. However, society is experiencing one amazing thing: a global shift of consciousness. More and more people are seeking a higher consciousness and awareness. Thus, many people are discovering they are wise souls and have special capabilities and purposes.

People who possess an old and wise soul have an incredible sense of responsibility and maturity. They don’t have to go through the typical trial and error most of us do to know that they have to answer for themselves. They’re easy going and extremely smart! Think you might be one of these souls? If you are, you surely experience some of these 15 signs!

1. You’ve Had Wisdom from a Very Young Age

You already knew things that most people have to learn later on in life as an adult. Adults always told you how mature you were and praised you for your responsibility. 

2. You Feel Like You Have an Old Soul

Have you ever been told you had an old soul? An old soul refers to a wise and understanding person. Other old souls might even be able to recognize another one!

3. You’re Always Feeling a Sense of Homesickness

You are aware of what home is but you are always seeking a comfortable, home-like state. It’s really hard to express and some people even experience depression because they feel like they can never achieve it.

4. You Don’t Feel Superior to Anyone

You have never felt like you were better than anyone in any way. You’ve never been one to put others down for something you don’t agree with. You’re very keen at respecting life of all forms, especially other human beings.

5. You’re Extremely Empathetic.

You like to listen to other people talk. You are always the friend that is there when a friend is in need and you have a good sense of other peoples emotions.

6. You Feel Isolated from Everyone Else

You feel different from everyone else, but somehow responsible for relating to them. You try to make yourself like other people but it never works. You might’ve struggled with trying to fit in as a child. 

7. You’re Intelligent but Refuse to Conform to Modern-Day Academics

You are well aware of the more than broken education system today. You are an extremely smart and intelligent person, but you refuse to give in to a broken education system that suppresses the self. You might even struggle with standardized testing because of so.

8. Your Physical Body Functions Differently than Everyone Else

For some unexplainable reason, you have always had a different body than other people. it just seems to function properly, just differently. You might even experience symptoms such as sustaining a lower regular body temperature.

9. You Feel Like You Have Some Sort of Mission to Complete.

You might feel like you were put here to achieve something. You constantly try to fix anything you can. you want to change society as a whole.

10. You Can’t Devote Yourself to Just One Belief.

You have issues with devoting yourself to one side of any story. You are always searching new perceptions and you struggle with religion.

11. The physical limitations of being a human are frustrating.

You are frustrated with being a human because you feel so small. You are capable of much more than humanly possible but have no way to express it.

12. You Keep a Small Circle of Friends

You just prefer to have a few good ones. While everyone else is trying to get people to like them, you’re trying to find someone you can actually relate to.

13. Animals are naturally trusting of you

Even skittish animals might approach you without hesitation at all.

14. You have extremely vivid dreams

You might even be experiencing lucid dreams or astral projection.

15. You are drawn to metaphysics

Metaphysics and the science behind other worlds have always interested you. You are intrigued with the impossible and seek to learn things no other human has before. 

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