As a society, we have a fascination with all things paranormal, including psychics, spirits, and hauntings. However, there is a distinct difference between watching a ghost hunter on your favorite TV show and believing that there is a spirit within your own home.

If you find yourself wondering if you are truly home alone, there are some signs that someone, or something, may be hanging around.

The good news is that having a ghost or spirit present doesn’t always have to be a frightening experience, and it certainly doesn’t mean you need to rush out to put your house on the market. In fact, psychic medium Patti Negri states, “Generally, most people who come to find out that their house is haunted can live peacefully with whatever spirits are there. If it’s something that genuinely bothers you, say something as simple as ‘You need to leave.’”

If you have asked the spirit to leave but they insist on sticking around, other proven methods for removing a ghost or spirit from your home include burning sage, spreading salt around the perimeter of the home, using holy water or identifying and removing the specific item that a spirit is attached to. However, it is important to note that these methods may only be temporary.

Here are 15 signs that you are being visited by a ghost or spirit:

#1 – Seeing an Apparition

Let’s get this one out of the way first as it is the rarest of the signs that we will be discussing. In some cases, you may actually see the ghost or spirit that is visiting you, either as an apparition before you, a clear figure in a photo or video or through a reflection such as in a window, mirror or television screen. This is the hardest sign to deny, and often one of the most frightening. Try to remember that many spirits that visit us are not evil or dark, they are simply wishing to make contact.

#2 – Hearing Someone Call/Whisper Your Name

Experiencing the signs that there is a ghost or spirit present can be starting for some, but there is no experience as startling as realize that said ghost or spirit actually knows who you are. You may hear someone whispering your name from a dark corner, calling to you from an empty room or even saying it directly into your ear. Try to remember this is simply their attempt to make contact with you and doesn’t indicate any ill intentions.

#3 – Footsteps or The Sound of Objects Moving

If a ghost or spirit is unable to visibly appear before you to get your attention, they may make themselves known through the sounds that they can create. This includes the sound of footsteps throughout your home or sounds like chairs sliding along the floor despite the fact they aren’t moving, doors that sound like they are slamming closed when they are already closed or any other sound that is out of place or defies a clear explanation.

#4 – Cold Spots in the House

It is said that spirits require a great deal of energy in order to appear in our world, and they often take in this energy in any form available. One way to obtain energy is to absorb the heat that is around them. This will cause there to be colder or clammy areas in the specific area where the spirit has been.

#5 – Electrical Devices and Lights Flicker, Malfunction or Go Out

This is also the result of the energy associated with a spirit, and a sign that is often portrayed in Hollywood due to the dramatic effect that it creates – especially the flashing of lights. This may manifest as flashing or dimming lights, radio stations suddenly turning to static, televisions changing channels or any of these devices turning on or off for no clear reason.

#6 – Feeling Movement Around You

There is a slight breeze or movement in the air that occurs when someone is walking past you. If you notice that you are experiencing this feeling and there is no one else in the room, you may not actually be alone. You may also notice the effects of this movement on things like the curtains in your room, or papers on your desk.

#7 – Strange Mists or Orbs

You may see these signs first hand, moving about you, or they may appear in videos or photographs that you have taken. While ghosts and spirits don’t always appear to us as clear figures or beings, they may appear as an orb of light, or a blurry mist or presences. Many experts believe that these are the spirits that are trying to appear in our world but haven’t yet acquired the energy necessary for a clear appearance.

#8 – Objects Moving, Disappearing and Reappearing

This can leave anyone feeling like they are going absolutely insane – that moment that you know you didn’t leave your keys halfway across the living room, or that the chair in your dining room had most certainly been tucked in. Sometimes to attract our attention, spirits will move objects around. Other times this is merely a form of entertainment for the more mischievous entities.

#9 – Personality Changes

When you first hear the word ‘possession’ you may find yourself thinking of the demonic possession that is often portrayed in Hollywood with eyes rolling back in one’s head, heads spinning around 180 degrees or talking in some foreign voice. However, possession may be far more subtle. You may notice that someone you know is acting a little different, responding in a different way, or suddenly showing interest in something they previously had no interest in at all.

#10 – Feeling Something Touch You or Your Clothing

If you feel like someone is tapping on your shoulder, brushing against your hand, tugging at your clothing or touching your face, there is no denying the fact that someone is nearby. In fact, this may be one of the hardest to ignore signs out there. Many who have experienced it describe this touch as that of an ice-cold hand or tingling in the area that the spirit makes contact.

#11 – Batteries Draining Rapidly

As I previously mentioned, in order to appear in our world spirits and ghosts required a great deal of energy. One simple way to acquire this is through the batteries that we use in so many of our devices today such as flashlights, cameras, and cell phones. You may have just purchased new batteries or recently charged your device only to find the batteries dead shortly after walking into a specific room. This is often a sign that someone is draining that energy for their own use.

#12 – Feeling as Thought You Are Being Watched

This is a very specific feeling that most of us have felt at one time or another in our lives, that moment when you just know that someone is actually watching you. It can be described as a heightened awareness, a tingling sensation or a cold chill. If you turn around, you will notice that there is no one there, but you still know that someone is watching you at that moment. If you feel as though you are being watched, there is a chance that you simply can’t see the one watching.

#13 – Unexplainable Shadows or Figures

Have you ever had that moment when you just know that you saw something move in the corner of your eye, only to turn around and discover that it’s nowhere to be found? Most people who have ‘seen’ a spirit won’t describe seeing it directly before them. Instead, they see something moving in their peripheral vision. This is also easier, however, to shrug off and ignore or explain away. If you see something moving in the corner of your eye, it may be a sign that someone is visiting.

#14 – Pets Acting Oddly/Defensively

Many experts believe that pets are able to sense or see spirits and ghosts that are invisible to humans, causing them to acknowledge these beings when we are still unaware of their presence. This includes animals running from, barking at (hissing at) or acting fearful of what appears to be nothing. They may be fearful, or even acting in a way that they are trying to protect you.

#15 – You Just Know

There is something to be said for our intuition, a powerful force that shouldn’t be ignored. You may just know that you’re not alone in the room despite the fact you can’t quite put your finger on why. This doesn’t mean you’re crazy. In fact, this intuition for many people is often quite accurate! You very well may not be alone.

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