Sometimes people with strong personalities aren’t even aware of what exactly they are facing in life. Sure, they notice others judging them but they are not sure why it is happening.

You see when you are someone with a strong personality you say and do things that lots of people just lack the capacity to understand. People see your intimidating qualities and automatically assume you are rude or in some cases ‘fake.’ Below you will find a list of things that can come off as quite intimidating.

15 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Most Find Intimidating:

1. You refuse to waste your time.

You are not someone who will willingly sit around and do nothing. That being said, you will not let others do it either. If you are working your ass off and someone else is wasting time you will call them out on it. You are always being productive.

2. You are not afraid of failing.

You know that failure is inevitable. In life, we have to fall sometimes. Nothing is ever set in stone. A lot of people find it odd how easily you accept things and grow from them.

3. You are honest to an extent most people have never even seen.

You are not going to sugar coat anything for anyone. If someone is asking you for advice they may not like what you have to say. You aren’t meaning to come off as an asshole but for some reason, people tend to think you are one.

4. You are not one to make excuses.

You will not make excuses for yourself or anyone else. If you make a mistake you own up to things right then and there. You know in life we are responsible for our own actions.

5. You refuse to allow ignorance in your life.

Ignorance has no place in your life. If you find yourself dealing with ignorant people while it can be frustrating you do your best not to allow them to get under your skin. You are always working to better educate yourself but in some cases, people are just plain wrong.

6. You prefer deep meaningful conversations.

You could sit and talk for hours about the world and how we got here. Searching for purpose and finding meaning in even the smallest places is one of your ‘hobbies.’ You want to talk about things that other people most likely never even think about at all.

7. You allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes.

You know that we shouldn’t bottle our emotions. When something negative happens in your life you allow yourself to feel those feelings. You are more than aware that being vulnerable is okay.

8. You speak up when you need something.

You are not afraid to speak up for yourself or ask others for help when you need it. You know that in life we all need a little help sometimes and are more than ready to help others in need as well. You get what you give in this life.

9. You are open to change.

Most people are terrified of change, but you are not. You embrace it with open arms. You know all things in this life happen for a reason.

10. You are not easily overwhelmed.

You do not let yourself become overwhelmed easily. You know how to let go of things that do not matter and are not going to get worked up over unnecessary things. If you cannot change it, it is pushed out of your mind.

11. You like to try new things.

You are a risk taker. You know that in life sometimes we have to just take leaps of faith and hope they work out. Trying new things comes naturally.

12. The attention of others is not important to you.

You are not a people pleaser and you will not go out of your way to get someone to notice you. You have already learned that we do not need anyone’s attention but our own. This is something lots of people struggle with.

13. Small talk is annoying to you.

You hate making small talk. If it isn’t meaningful, you are not interested. You know all too well those who try to make small talk are only doing so because they feel awkward, they don’t actually want to have anything to do with you.

14. You focus on solutions, not problems.

You know that when we focus on the problem a solution takes longer to find. Sure, whatever the problem is might suck, but complaining about it isn’t going to do anyone any good. Overcoming the issue and resolving the problem is where your energy lies.

15. You find opportunities in the strangest places.

You do not get caught up in things like other people do. You find opportunities in everything. You are constantly looking at the bigger picture.

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