DeviantArt is a gold mind of artwork, every time I get on I find something amazing. Recently I have stumbled upon the work of Alice De Ste Croix also known as DestinyBlue on DeviantArt and her work has me in awe!

She has been posting on DeviantArt since 2004 and her illustrations say so much more than anything I have ever seen. At first glance, they are colorful and slightly odd but then when you see the whole thing it will all come together. The messages she adds into her work definitely set her apart from many other artists I have come across.

Below you will find some of her work, my most favorite pieces to be more specific. She is truly talented and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with over the next few years. Let us know what you think!

(Credit for all artwork shown in this article goes to Alice De Ste Croix/DestinyBlue if you liked what you saw click here for more.)


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