Emotionally abusive people come in all different forms. They are usually extremely controlling and willing to do anything to tear you down.

Chances are we will all be or have been a victim of emotional abuse at least once in our lives. Most of us more times than that, to be completely honest. These kinds of people do their best to sweep us off of our feet only to continue to try and break out legs day in and day out to keep us from leaving them. They start off as great people and we think we love them but once they get comfortable their true colors begin to show and their manipulation tactics become quite apparent.

Controlling people should have no place in our lives. They are constantly pushing double standards and using us for their own gain. Below I am going to go over some of the more common double standards you might notice when you are with someone who is emotionally abusive. Don’t let these people get away with what they are doing. Put them in their place and cut ties, you deserve better.

15 Double Standards That Controlling People Will Try to Force on You:

1. They expect you to be there for them when they aren’t willing to be there for you.

2. They will question you constantly but refuse to allow you to do the same.

3. They will call you out but get pissed when you call them out.

4. They will make decisions on your behalf but refuse to allow you to do the same.

5. They overlook your needs but expect you to prioritize theirs.

6. They ignore your feelings but get angry when you try to ignore theirs.

7. They make commitments for you without telling you and yet demand you consult them before making your own.

8. They refuse to tell you where they are going but want to know where you are 24/7.

9. They will withhold affection but accuse you of things if you try to act uninterested.

10. They give you the silent treatment but become violent if you try to do the same.

11. They humiliate you in front of other people but will fly off the handle if you say anything even remotely negative about them.

12. They are always going through your phone or social media’s but will not let you even glance at theirs.

13. They cut you off from people who care for you but refuse to cut anyone out of their lives that you ask them to.

14. They blame you for things you cannot control and play the victim if you try to blame them for something.

15. They flirt with other people and call it harmless but when you even talk to someone else they accuse you of cheating.

Don’t let anyone manipulate you into giving up who you are and letting them control you. You are your own person. You deserve someone who is going to be there for you when times get rough, someone that will listen to you when you need to speak. Emotional abuse is a very real problem in the world today and these double standards should not be tolerated.

(Image Via: Daisy Bernard)

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