Sometimes we all get to a place where we are wondering if the person we are interested in is really interested in us or not. Sure, he may seem interested but does he really care for you? Well, here’s how to find out.

When it comes to measuring a friendship and seeing whether or not it should become a romantic relationship or not, you really have to wing it for the most part. Sometimes we do things for close friends we wouldn’t for other people but that doesn’t mean we wanna marry them or are obsessing over them every night. If you want to know whether or not the guy you’re trying to get into a relationship with is into you or not but you’re not quite ready to flat out ask the list of signs below will help.

14 Ways to Tell if He’s Into You or Not Without Asking:

1.He pushes you to do better.

He really wants you to be at your best. During your darkest moments or worst days, he still sees the light in you. He knows you and who you are.

2. He texts you first.

He doesn’t leave you waiting and wondering if he’s there, he texts you and you talk a lot. You are both very in touch with each other and everything flows nicely. You have daily conversations.

3. He likes to spend time with you.

He really likes to be around you. He makes efforts to make plans and hang out. You both have a lot of fun together.

4. He is always motivating you to go after your dreams.

He pushes you to be the best possible version of yourself you can be. He wants you to follow your dreams and chase your goals. He really makes you all the more capable.

5. He is always there when you need him.

If you were to call him at three am crying he would pick up the phone. He is there for you in ways no one else is. He really makes the effort to be there for you when you truly need someone.

6. He doesn’t mind running errands with or for you.

He doesn’t care what you two are doing when you hang out as long as you’re around one another everything is fine. You can have fun running errands and he doesn’t mind doing things for you. You are both very close.

7. He wants your opinion on things.

He comes to you for advice and really takes the things you say into consideration. He cares about what you think of him and wants you to think highly of him. He values your opinion and wouldn’t do anything to offend you.

8. You know all his friends and his family.

You are close to him and those close to him. He has brought you in and showed you the most vulnerable parts of himself. You are literally part of the family at this point.

9. He listens to the things you say.

He listens to you and your words. He doesn’t just ignore you and go about his business if there is something bothering you he wants you to talk about it. He is who you come to when you need to vent.

10. He respects you.

He respects you and really does his best to not cross your boundaries. You are someone he thinks highly of and when the world gets to hard he makes the difference you need. Respect is something you earn and you have both earned it from one another.

11. He protects you.

He stands up for you when others are saying something about you and he lets you know what is going on. He would fight for you even though he probably will never have to and knowing that makes you feel good. He has your back, and if someone were to hurt you he would be there to resolve the issue.

12. He makes compromises for you.

He is not just a ‘my way or the highway’ kind of person. He makes compromises for you and with you. Nothing gets in the way of you both working through things. You just resonate on a good level with each other.

13. He doesn’t make you feel judged.

He would never judge you. He is someone you feel safe around. You can say or do anything and he will not criticize you.

14. He does his best to keep you smiling.

He always makes sure to brighten your day up. He keeps a smile on your face and makes you laugh. He really goes out of his way to ensure you are happy.

If he does these things for you or with you he’s into you. Just open up about your feelings and see where things go. You will never know if you never try, open up.

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