The term consciousness gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?

Our consciousness is essentially our awareness, and the more conscious we are, the most we are able to attune ourselves in the correct manner. This goes for life, spirituality, our connections to others and everything else for that matter. Therefore, it’s important to be conscious. But how exactly can we raise our consciousness?

1. Practice Mindfulness

Be aware of what you are doing in the present moment without judgment. This is fundamental to our conscious awareness.

2. Meditate

Sit down for at least a few minutes a day in the quiet. Focus your thoughts, and dismiss anything that comes to mind.

3. Spend Time in Nature

We are composed of the same matter as nature, and because of this we are attuned to her cycles, we are attuned to our own.

4. Learn to Let Go

If you can’t change it, fix it or control it, then learn to let it go.

5. Connect With People

Be kind to others, connect with them and learn how different people operate. This will give you insight into yourself, and forge meaningful relationships with others.

6. Accept Yourself

In spite of your flaws, accept who you are. It is so important to remember that you are perfect just the way you are.

7. Live

While it may sound easy, some people live their lives at a distance, don’t do that! Instead, participate, and get every bit of life possible to be had.

8. Open Your Mind

Don’t be so quick to judge! Learn to be mindful of how things are without judging them.

9. Learn

Read, write and do. Make your life a series learning experience.

10. Know Your Cycles

Understand your moods, hormones, and day-to-day rhythms.

11. Stand Up To What You Are Afraid Of

Are you afraid of heights? Get on a roller coaster. Afraid of small spaces? Meditate in a closet. Try to be more open to changing situations, even when they are scary to you.

12. Understand the Ether

Learn about new age concepts, including astral projection, tarot, powerful prayer, etc. And use this knowledge to enhance yourself.

13. Reflect

Reflect back on your decisions and past experiences and learn to see the different between your successes and your downfalls. Learn from EVERYTHING!

14. Do What You Love

Even if you can’t do what you love all day every day, make time for what you love. Learn to understand what you love, and soothe yourself with it.

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