14 Things You Will Only Understand Once You Are Enlightened

By September 13, 2017 Other, Spirituality

Enlightenment is so much more than I can explain. It is our inner nature and yet still a state of being enlightened. If you have become enlightened you know just how intense this life truly is.

If you are enlightened then you know the following things to be true. Those who are enlightened have truly made their way through this journey and are able to act without fear and truly understand their path in life. Their attention is where it should be instead of where it shouldn’t be and they see things how they truly are.

14 Truths Enlightened People Know:

1. Nothing is ever important.

The enlightened person lives in the moment. He or she allows their lives to happen and flow like a river flows to the ocean. No, I am not saying they ignore opportunities or anything like that, they have just already achieved the greatest things in life and are soaking up the positive energy.

2. Obsessing over yourself is not going to get you anywhere.

The enlightened person no longer has that sense of separate self. He or she can see all of the interconnectedness that makes up our existence. This person knows there is no sense in obsessing over ourselves because we are all so much more than just ourselves.

3. No one has to prove anything to anyone.

The enlightened person knows his or her place in the universe. This person no longer feels the need to seek validation from others. He or she is well aware that no one has anything to prove to anyone else, including themselves.

4. You must be mindful of your health.

Enlightened people are aware that their body must be taken care of as well as their mind and soul. These people do what they can to make sure they are in harmony. This is because they have developed a deep understanding of their health and do not blindly depend on others to make things better for them.

5. We must be kind to one another.

The enlightened person is compassionate and genuinely cares about other people. This person will help others whether they are a friend or not. Being spiritually open to everyone will make things a lot easier.

6. Jumping to conclusions get us nowhere.

Enlightened people are able to see the world with clarity. They are not attached to preconceived ideas about others. This allows them to be much more open-minded than the average person.

7. We must accept anything and everything.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and that is okay. Everything happens for a reason and we must accept this. Whether it is joy or sorrow we have a lesson to learn from it.

8. Internal development depends on a lot more than our experiences in life.

Sure, there are lessons to be learned through experiences in life but that is not the only thing that shapes us. If you want to develop internally traveling within and working from there out is the best means. You can learn a lot from just being alone with yourself.

9. Our personal history is not quite what it seems.

The enlightened person knows that there is much more to this. They question the truth of what is believed to be true in regards to themselves. They only accept what their true identity is.

10. Nothing lasts forever.

Literally, nothing lasts forever. While most people ahve a hard time accepting this the enlightened person knows it all too well. Everything changes at some point or another.

11. Life is too short to not spend it being happy.

Days are more like seconds to the enlightened person. Time is precious and we don’t have much of it in each life. While we may have more than one life we should cherish the one we are in as we are in it. Being happy isn’t that hard.

12. Other people’s expectations of us do not matter.

All that matters is our path in life and where we want to go. The enlightened person knows he or she does not have to live up to the expectations of others. This person can find happiness and validation on his or her own.

13. Suffering is needed.

Sometimes we have to suffer to get to something better or to learn a lesson. While it may suck the enlightened person handles it quite well. Think of suffering as something to work through not something to deal with.

14. We are enlightenment and enlightenment is us.

This world is all connected and everything is made of the same thing. We are all the same no matter how you look at it. Enlightenment is as real as you and I both and once you are enlightened you will feel every aspect of it.

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