People with anxiety think differently than ‘normal’ people. If you have anxiety, chances are you have noticed this.

Sure, we see the world in a similar way but we address it differently. Our brain turns even the smallest situation into an explosion of terrifying experiences. This is just reality for us.

When dealing with anxiety it is almost like being at war with yourself. You are constantly worrying about something, usually things people without anxiety wouldn’t think twice about. Mental illness is a very real issue in modern times and it is only going to become more of an issue if we don’t take it seriously.

As someone who has been going through anxiety for years, I can tell you, it is not something you want to have. It makes even the smallest task into a mountain. I remember back when I was still in school my anxiousness would get so bad I would literally vomit before having to stand in class and speak. No, I don’t mean a room full of strangers. I mean a small class of people I had known since kindergarten. You see, the small town I grew up in was full of few people who knew everyone and even though I was ‘comfortable’ around them, I still struggled with making mistakes on a severe level.

There are lots of people who can relate to that I am sure. There are about 40 million adults suffering from anxiety in the US right now. It is the most common mental illness and comes in several different forms. That being said, it is treatable so if you are suffering please get the help that you need, it can and will make a difference.

If you do not suffer from anxiety maybe the following will help you gain a better understanding of the mind of someone who does. If you do suffer from anxiety then chances are you have thought these very thoughts at one point or another. I know I sure have!

14 ‘Abnormal’ Thoughts Only People With Anxiety Will Understand:

1. “He won’t text back because I took too long to text back.”

A person with anxiety will take everything to the extreme. If they accidentally mess up they expect something bad to happen. Sure, you might understand that sometimes people forget to text back or are busy but the anxious person assumes the worst no matter what, all the time.

2. “What if my neighbors can hear me.”

There are so many things that can make an anxious person nervous. Chances are even the idea of their neighbors being able to hear their television could set them off. While not all anxious people are this extreme, some are.

3. “I bet everyone hates me because of how much noise I am making.”

Bringing even the smallest amount of attention to themselves is the end of the world to the anxious person. They do not want to be seen, they want to blend away within the lines. If they have a sudden cough they will hold it back for a long as they can.

4. “Am I forgetting something?”

Is there something I am forgetting? Did I do this or did I do that? These thoughts are always running through the mind of an anxious person. They cannot catch a break.

5. “I really hope I don’t see anyone I know.”

When the anxious person goes out he or she does not want to run into anyone that he or she knows. Sure, they like seeing their friends but in general, they’d rather prepare themselves for an encounter than having someone come up unexpectedly. The anxious person does not like surprises.

6. “Am I doing this wrong? What if I am doing this wrong?”

The anxious person is always worried about doing or saying the wrong thing. Even when they know they are doing something the right way they second guess themselves. It is as if something they have done a million times could somehow be wrong.

7. “I swear, I am so anxious I make other people anxious.”

They are more than aware of what they are dealing with. Sometimes things are so bad that they realize the impact it is having on those around them. Sure some days it isn’t as bad but in high-intensity situations, other people are bound to become uncomfortable as well.

8. “I gotta delete that post, I hope no one saw it.”

Anxious people are as mentioned above always second-guessing themselves. They will post a Fb status just to delete it two minutes later and hope no one saw it. I know I have done this more than one time.

9. “Do I really look like this?”

Most people with anxiety also have low self-esteem. Sometimes they get so deep into questioning things that this comes up. Do we really see ourselves as other people do?

10. “Did I say something wrong? Could I have worded that differently? Am I being offensive?”

The thoughts of an anxious person are mostly questions in case you haven’t noticed. They are always wondering if they have done something wrong or if they could do something better. The anxious person is constantly trying to improve.

11. “I forgot _____ my life is over. I have nothing left, how am I going to make it through the day.”

Like I said before even the smallest problem can become a mountain. Even forgetting something at home may seem like the end of the world. Somehow, despite these annoying thoughts, we make it through.

12. “What if _____ ?”

Anxious people are plagued by ‘what ifs.’ What if I’m not good enough? What if I forget? What if I mess up? It is probably one of the most frustrating things EVER.

13. “Are they laughing at me? I hope I don’t say the wrong thing. Was that supposed to be funny? Oh no, I messed everything up.”

The anxious people will always be worried about whether or not they are experiencing things correctly. Sure, you may see it as laughing at a joke but the anxious person sees it as much more than that. Overthinking is their forte.

14. “I am exhausted.”

anxious people wear themselves out. They worry so much that sometimes they become too exhausted to function. While they may not voice it sometimes they are thinking it.



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